Friday, May 14, 2010

Kerrigan's Big Announcement

Wait a minute, you already knew that one!

Here is the right picture:

Where, you might ask? K's outfit is a clue...

That is right, at some point this summer the Stokes clan is packing up and heading to Boise, ID!

Jared wasted no time in getting K the appropriate clothing...GO BRONCOS!!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Miss Independent...

Kerrigan has begun to realize the world is her oyster. Gone are the days were she wants to be carried. Trying to get her to hold my hand is a joke. Sitting in the stroller...not gonna happen!

She is constantly exploring the world around her, as well as the limits I attempt to set for her. She has become her own independent person.

Part of me is happy. Her discovery of her own autonomy is amazing to watch. She doesn't need me every second of every day. It is fun to watch her figure stuff out on her own.

Another part of me wants to cry. Where did my little baby go? Who is this little explorer who has replaced my timid and cautious infant?

And I know this is only the beginning- why didn't anyone warn me how hard it would be to watch her grow up?!?!?!?!