Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The First Week and a Half...

Since I am trying to hurry and get this done while the kids are both asleep, here is our week in many pictures and few words.

As with all newborns, there has been a ton of sleeping...
...with a little bit of awake time during the day (not so much the case at night-but that is slowly improving : )

We have had guests, both planned...

...and SURPRISE!!!

There has been a lot of snuggling:

(Definitely brother and sister, check out their identical noses!)

Perhaps a little too much snuggling, but she LOVES her "baby bruder" so we roll with it:

(look how big she is compared to him, a real eye opener to the fact she is no longer a baby)
And, since we are at my parents' house for the next few weeks, there has been hiking, of course : ) This is the hike we took to celebrate my due date.

What a great 11 days it has been!!!