Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Idaho/Arizona Trip 2009

We were so lucky this month...we were able to go home for 15 DAYS!!! The joy we felt can be likened unto that of what one experiences when encountering an early Christmas present. Since it was 15 days full o' joy, laughter and jam packed with fun, I tried to condense it all into a few picture collages.

Kerrigan met her Stokes cousins for the first time (seriously, how sad is that-she is almost a year old and just barely meeting family). She absolutely LOVED every minute of it!
New toys were discovered. Four wheelers and entire rooms dedicated to TOYS...is this heaven? I submit it IS!!!!

We celebrated birthdays...please note Preston's screamingly awesome Buzz Lightyear suit- the wingspan and laser gun TOTALLY made me rethink my Christmas wish list.

My lucky daughter got to meet all of her living great-grandparents...we like to think the reason Kerrigan took so long to come down to earth was she was having way to much fun hanging out with other 3 up in heaven.

We spent ALOT of time driving. We wanted to make sure to see all the great grandparents, scattered Idahoan friends (including the 6-10am lovely voice personality of 102.something country station's ...Aubri Elzinga.) and then drove to Arizona. K was a trooper, though I am sure it would have gone even better if she hadn't had to crane her neck around to see us (1 more month and 1 more lb until it is front facing car seat all the way!).
The drives were long, but thankfully beautiful...as was Jared's excited "I am on my way to God's country, a pure slice of heaven on earth, Salmon Idaho" face!

We weren't in AZ for as long as we would have liked- but we made good use of our time. We had a picnic in the woods, ate Popsicles, hung out with the Moffitts and of course partook of Del Taco tacos (were you aware that Del Scorcho sauce has been replaced by Del Inferno sauce...a smart move on their part, incredibly tough sounding. Only the bravest of the brave are able to partake of DEL INFERNO!!!!).
Jared got to go golfing a few times...I, however, was not invited- therefore there is no photographic proof of these occurrences. Also not pictorially documented is the fact that a Janalie was spotted on this trip- we even got her to hang out with us old folk for awhile.
Oh, the bottom right picture...proof that I indeed was on the trip : )
The following pictures have no connection other than the fact that they all make my heart warm and fuzzy with fond memories...they are the ones that simply put a smile on my face (especially, but not limited to, my dad stuffing fried chicken in his face...priceless!)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let's Talk!

So Lesley made a comment that I thought would make an interesting discussion. The hype surrounding the flu and H1N1 shots is HUGE.

Yesterday I decided to go ahead and get Kerrigan's flu shot. We will probably all be getting the H1N1 and flu, mainly because Jared works so close to where the biggest breakout was last year.

However, since it is so new, we aren't 100% decided.

What are your thoughts/concerns/decisions? Let's discuss!

I am not thinking this will make or break peoples' decision, I just thought it would be interesting to see what you think and why...possibly answer others' questions.

Let me know...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Power of Kiwi

WOW, it has been a LOOOOOOONG time since I have posted...I believe the longest stretch since I started this blog.

I guess being on vacation for a couple weeks+ trying to unpack and recover from said vacation= huge blogging absence.I will be posting pictures later, I have alot to do before K wakes up from her nap.

Story of the day:

I take Kerrigan in for her 9 month appointment (I know, only a month and 1/2 late, right). She is in the 75th percentile for height but slipped down to the 25th for weight (apparently I need to compensate for decreasing milk supply a bit better...oops).

It was a fairly rough visit, she had to get some blood work done via finger prick (which I HATE, to me that is the worst part of donating blood, right?) and a few shots.

However, the Dr. was really impressed with her jabbering "vocabulary", if you will. She said most kids K's age don't use all the syllables she does. Kerrigan heard this compliment and proceeded to talk the ENTIRE visit, I kid you not!

The best part though, happened in the lobby beforehand.

I want you to think of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding (a classic in my book). Picture the Aunt that says, "Dey did a bi...bi...a bibopsy on de luump of my neck and dey fond a spinal cord and teeth. Yes, itwas my tween". (Attempted to type it with her accent : ) Got the image???
While in the waiting room, we ran into 2 old women with an infant (which I am NOT joking, his name was Nicholas-remember, this is my nephew Nick, his brother Nick, and his other brother Nick...). They reminded me so much of the aunt as they gushed over Kerrigan's blue eyes, blond hair, hair flower, etc.

Then one leans VERY close, so our noses are uncomfortably close, and whispers, "She have get da flu shot, no?"

I stifled laughter, both confused and amused, and said, "No, not yet, we are still deciding."

She leans closer, which to my previous knowledge was not even humanly possible, and YELLS, "NO, NO FLU SHOTS FOR DE BABIES!!!!!"

Ummmm, ok????

She continues (back in a whisper, while looking all conspirator-like at the receptionist), " I have a Doctor, he is in Cali-fon-a...he email me and say, no, no to da flu shot! All dis babies need is da vitamin C. You gif dis baby kiwi, lots of kiwi and she no get da flu. You mash the kiwi, give it to her, she NEVER sick!"

The conversation continued until they called Kerrigan back to see the doctor. I was absolutely DYING!!!

And obviously, we all know the healing power of Windex. How was I completely unaware of the preventative powers of KIWI?

Picures found here and here