Friday, July 25, 2008

Random thoughts at 20 weeks

As of yesterday, I am HALFWAY DONE... we will have a baby in 20 weeks, give or take. Here are some of my thoughts at this milestone:

The 2nd trimester ROCKS!!! I was still pretty sick for the first couple weeks of it (and still get sick every once in awhile), but for the most part I have been able to de-familiarize myself with the good ole' porcelain throne. It has been so much easier to focus on the excitment of the pregnancy now that I don't feel like I am constantly on the brink of death.

Exactly one week ago I felt the baby move for the first time. Talk about an AMAZING feeling! There were no "butterfly" or "fluttering" feelings like I had heard about (I may have just been too oblivious to feel them). This little lady straight up KICKS me. It was hard enough that Jared was able to feel her kicking too. I kind of like how it happened, how we got to share that moment of feeling her move for the first time together. Since then she has increased in activity, and I can feel her almost all the time, at least a few times an hour. It has made the pregnancy seem so much more real.

I hate (and am really bad at) making decisions, even the smallest decisions. HOW WILL I EVER SETTLE ON A NAME FOR THIS GIRL????? We have so many options...but whatever we choose, she will be stuck with. It took me a good hour to pick the clothes we bought for her- and she can only wear those for a few months! I don't know if I can handle that kind of pressure!!!

We have so much to do, all we have really done is buy those outfits and watch for diaper sales (thanks for that tip Whitney). I know some women say they go NUTS with all the tips people give them...not us. We definitely need help, so any helpful hints as to what we need, what we can do without, where to maybe scrimp (thank you Melinda for that word!) and where we shouldn't hold back pricewise, etc. would be much appreciated! I am serious people, almost everyone I know has a baby and I need your wisdom. Also, I was very serious about the bow/flower headband stuff. I really want to start making them, I just don't know how. So let me know if you know of a website I can look at, or have directions...any help would be great!

I don't usually like toes...however, I am rather fond of my own toes. I feel like they are fairly attractive toes, or at least as attractive as toes can get. Don't get me wrong, they will probably never star in a foot creme ad or anything, but they are decent looking toes. Unfortunately, they are rapidly disappearing from my view (bet you wondered where I was going with that). Now that I am keeping food down, my belly seems to have exploded in size this week. I happened to look down the other day, and to my amazement I could only see the tips of my toes. Huh.Here was me 2 weeks ago:

And here I am, yesterday morning (keep in mind, by the end of the day my stomach is much bigger- is that normal?): Oh, in case you were wondering, I have been wearing the same shirt for my belly shots since some shirts make you look bigger or smaller. I had to change the shirt up a little, because as you can tell, I just realized how see through the white one is- so I switched to the cream colored one.

Well, that is all I can think of right now, but new thoughts pop into my head about every other minute. Hopefully my head doesn't explode!

Back to 2008

I never realized how much I rely on technology, until I had to live a week without some of my favorite things (being cable and internet). However, as of yesterday evening, I AM BACK!!!

WE MOVED!!! Not a big move, just switched apartments. I love my new "fresh smelling, don't have to smell like a chain smoker or worry if my baby is going to come out with 3 arms because of second hand smoke from the neighbors" apartment. It makes me so happy to know I NEVER have to set foot in my old smokey apartment. The new one is a little bit smaller, but has a newly remodeled kitchen, so smells like cedar...mmmmm. The washer and dryer are also bigger, which has come in especially handy since I am in the process of washing EVERY article of clothing we have so we don't smell like we smoke a few packs a day.

I don't know if you can tell, but I am STOKED about this move!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I usually agree with the good ole' Mormon saying "the hottest are the modest", but last Monday modesty did not serve me well. I had an ultrasound, and since I was 17 weeks and 4 days BEGGED the doctor to see if he could tell me the sex of the baby.

He gave it a good try, but my oh so modest baby would not uncross his/her legs, of all the rotten luck.

However, yesterday's appointment went quite the opposite direction. I realize this is the ONLY time I will ever celebrate my child's lack of modesty, but both Jared and I could tell before they even zoomed in that we were looking at a ...(drum roll please)

We can't express how excited we are! Here are some pictures of our little princess:

Her close-up

Her foot

Her hand

Right after we left the appointment, we went straight to Carters to buy our little girl her first outfit. This is the outfit her daddy picked out for her.

We also picked up some onsies and pants, because they were on sale. Jared was so cute through the whole thing, he wouldn't let me get anything that wasn't pink! I don't know if you can tell, but the pants have a little "booty flare" on the back- SO CUTE!

And here is me , yesterday, at 18 1/2 weeks (please excuse the nap hair, I literally shopped til I dropped ). Looking at it I guess I am not actually as big as I feel, which is nice. So, ladies, get your flower/bow making skills ready, because I am 4 months away from having this little lady and I MUST learn how to make her some hair pretties! I am so excited to expand my craftiness (which is lacking already) to make some cute stuff for my little angel!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


I have pictures from my AZ trip and also of my luscious pregnant belly I was going to post, but I can't figure out how to import the pictures from my new as soon as my workaholic hubby gets a minute to help me I will do just that. Until then, I need to get up to date on my tags, both from over a month ago (sorry ladies). I feel like someone else tagged me, but I couldn't find it...SORRY!

Jamie and Dusty both tagged me with this one:

How to play this game. Post these rules on your blog; List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.
JOYS - 1) My main squeeze Jar Bear- lately I have been getting an extra amount of joy watching him talk to and blow zerberts on my belly, trying to get the baby to respond.
2) Spending time with family, I love the feeling of being with people who love me unconditionally.
3) The fact that I can keep food down now, that I don't have to base what I eat on how it will taste coming back up (probably too much info) but hip hip HOORAY!!!
1) I am going to be honest, I am afraid of the dark...not my proudest attribute, but true.
2) Also embarrassing, I am afraid to vacuum when I am home alone, and I don't particularly enjoy it even when I am not alone. I have had to sing I am a Child of God whenever I vacuum since I was little because it makes me nervous to know I can't hear what is going on behind me.
3) Cows. I hate/am terrified of cows. I got chased by one on my Aunt Mabel and Uncle Lavard's farm when I was young...and never got over it. I have no shame admitting this, I think if everyone had my ability to recognize the pure evil of cows all humans would fear them : ) jk I know I am a sissy!
1) To be where I am supposed to be, with the people I am supposed to be with, doing what I am supposed to be doing (great advice from Grandma Wilkins).
2) I am stealing this from Dusty- to show my husband everyday how much I love him
3) Prepare as much as humanly possible to be the BEST mother I can be. I guess the immediate goal is to have a happy, healthy baby.
1) Learning how to use my new camera... so many buttons to figure out and the user's manual might as well be in a foreign language for as much as I comprehend. Thanks for teaching me some stuff, Brookey babe.
2) I am OBSESSED with the hair growing on my stomach, and not in a good way. Seriously, my doctor says it is normal, but I see nothing normal about having "who's hairier" contests with my husband...probably too much info again, but if anyone has any words of empathy, feel free to share.
3) Beef jerky, potato pearls and fruit smoothies.
1) I used to have a crush on Christopher Robin (yes, Pooh Bear's friend). Adrianne and I once had a fight over who got to marry him.
2) I got peed on at work today- eat your heart out all you people who have boring office jobs : )
3) I have always wanted to mop the floor like they did on Pippy Longstocking...where they tied floor scrubbing brushes to their feet, poured out soapy water and skated around. Even now I think it sounds REALLY fun!

For this first one I tag anyone who is related to me and reads this.

I also got tagged by Lesley
Name On Birth Certificate: Lindsey Wilkins
* Nickname: Lindsey Lou Who, Lindseed Oil (Dad), and Jared has started calling me Lou
* Age: 24
* Birthday: December 20
*School: Graduate from BYU-I, with BA in psychology
* Location: Norwalk, CT
*Color of eyes: Blue
*hair: Blonde
* Height: 5'6"
* Shoe Size:8
* Brothers/Sisters: 2sisters 1 brother
------------------HAVE YOU EVER---------------
* Missed school B/coz it was raining: no, I was too anal about my attendance
* Put a body part on fire for amusement: Once I let my roommate Becky Turnbull fill my belly button with nail polish remover and light it on fire
* Kept a secret from everyone: I like to think so, but I struggle with secrets
* Had an imaginary friend: probably, I was a strange child
* Cried during a Movie: Always, sometimes I even cry during commercials
* Ever thought an animated character was hot? please see random fact #1
* Had a New Kids on the Block tape: Nope
* Been on stage: Sure, but never by myself.
* Been sarcastic: Guilty!
* Shampoo: I haven't really settled on to suggestions
* soap:Again, not really
* Color: Lime green
* Day/Night: Day, I hate the dark
*Summer/Winter: Summer
* Lace or satin: ummmm
* Fav cartoon Characters: I really like Fillmore on cars (the hippie van who sells organic gasoline) and Mushu, the dragon on Mulan
*Fave Food: It varies from day to day, I really love my mom's sweet and sour chicken
* Fave Ice Cream: Rocky Road
* Fave person to talk to online:Jared is my only online chat pal
---------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
* Cried: No, I am actually alot less emotional when I am pregnant- go figure!
* Cleaned your room: Hehe, nope- poor Jared
* Done laundry: I folded a batch
* Drove a car: yes
* Who have u known the longest of your friends:I don't really know, I stink at keeping in touch with people. Andrea Fox has probably been my closest, longest friend.
* Who's the loudest: Carrie Fox
* Who's the shyest: I don't think I have any shy friends, I think I would be a little overwhelming for a shy person
* Who do you cry to?: Jared, Mom and Brooke. I have also had some emotional moments with Shaylee.
* When you cried the most: That's hard, I am one emotional gal...I really don't know

For this second one I tag Sara, Naomi, Jacquie, Shaylee, Emily and both Rachels.