Sunday, April 25, 2010

Boys and Girls Are Different... case you didn't know : )

I, for one, did not realize how early these differences start until I experienced pregnancies for both genders.

This pregnancy has been so different from Kerrigan's, and for those who are curious, I thought I would make a list.

-I felt this little guy move much earlier. I know you feel them sooner after the first, but COME ON, I felt him a full month before I felt K!

-I am still sick. I was sick for a long time with K-bug, but if you recall it was mainly due to the fact that our neighbors smoked like chimneys. The day we moved out of that apartment was the last day I threw up (minus when my dad had me try Noni Juice, BLACH!). Our air here is smoke free, yet the vomiting continues.

-I am hairier...that is all we will say about that!

-Size. Whoa, I am already soooo much bigger than I was at this stage last time. I was all belly last time, but this time I am rockin' the love handles. And we won't even discuss the skyrocketing weight gain. Again, I know it being the second pregnancy contributes to these, but WHOA!!!!

-I am carrying a lot lower. Seriously, he kicks my cervix all the time. Last time, my lungs were the victims of flailing fetus limbs...this time, they are getting a break.

-Emotions are out of control. Last time they were bad, this time is a whole new ball game. I cry so so much, for no no reason. Jared scolds me if I attempt to watch anything even remotely sad. Meltdowns are a daily occurance, and usually there are multiple. I cried watching Hannah Montana today, the show about a girl who has the best of both worlds!

-Cravings are more intense. I want spicy Cheetos every minute of every day. Out here they are hard to come by for some reason. Jared and I happened to find some in a random gas station the other day and I bought all 36 (yes, 36) bags they had in stock.

*Funny side story* I did get chastised by the lady standing behind us in line. I believe the direct quote was "that poor baby is not getting any nutrients". Yes, kind stranger, I eat only spicy other nutrient enriched foods enter my body during this time that I am the sole protector of a child- I am THAT SELFISH! (said with a touch of sarcasm) I think I replied something about him coming out orange, so think of all the money we would save not having to pay for tanning.

Bless your heart if you read all of this. Previous to experiencing it, I always wondered what the differences were in boy and girl pregnancies, so thought I would share for anyone pondering the same question.

Monday, April 19, 2010

And the Countdown Begins...

...for Kerrigan's introduction to nursery.

I only have 6 Sundays left until I am able to focus on the lesson instead of keeping her entertained and fed. Beautiful!

I will also have this freedom for a whopping 2 months before baby Boy gets here- and I plan to enjoy every moment!

However, surviving these next 6 weeks will not be easy. I need your help. I feel completely unprepared to handle a toddler at church.

The normal books, baby toys and stuffing fruit snacks in her mouth just doesn't cut it anymore. The poor girl needs some mental stimulation.

So what do you use to keep your kid entertained at church and where do I find said entertainment tool? I need suggestions people if I am going to survive the next 6 weeks!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Oh, What Do You Do in the Summertime?

(Sorry if this showed up 3 times on Google Reader...had some technical difficulties : )

Do you go to the Stamford Park, but its kinda scary so never after daaaaaark?

Do you stuff your face Easter Egg treats...

or enjoy the beach, while it's still open to the non-Greenwich Eliiiiiiiiiites?

Yes, that's what we dooooooooo, how about yooooooooouuuuuuuu?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Don't Think You're Ready For This Jelly...

..(as in shoes, of course!)

That's right, last week my daughter proudly displayed an awesome combination of mixed patterns, leg warmers and jelly shoes in public.

I think someone's mama is having a hard time letting go of 1984!

Easter Dress

I made the mistake of taking Kerrigan's Easter pictures at a park by the beach...WAAAAY too distracting for 16 month old A.D.D.

Most of the pictures turned out like this:

Finally, with the help of Jared, I stuck her in a tree. At first, she wasn't too comfortable:

but after some rearranging we got some shots that I absolutely adore!
I love how her personality is finally coming through in pictures. She is just too much fun!
I am also starting to realize she is turning into a little person, which gives me so much more confidence with the whole idea of being a mom to 2.

I can't get enough of this face!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Glimpse into our Future...

We decided to shake things up and have a BOY!!!!

Jared could not be more excited for his little buddy to get here.

Kerrigan allegedly gave the technician a dirty look when she confirmed it was a boy...neither Jared or I saw it, but the lady SWEARS Kerrigan glared at her!
I am just happy there is really a baby in there, I am not just getting pudgy. Just kidding, I am pretty excited for this new adventure, I don't doubt it will be COMPLETELY different from raising a girl.

*18 weeks: Like the hair? I refer to it as my "Eagle Scout Hair"- always prepared for vomiting : ) Hopefully soon, the nausea will be under control and I will have pictures where my hair is actually fixed!*