Wednesday, June 20, 2012

5 1/2 weeks left...

Warning: this post is more on the personal side than most.  Just a little warning before you dive in!

Sidenote: Yes, I am hiding my face.  Between errands and swim lessons, not a stitch of makeup made it onto my face today.  You are welcome!

Now normally with the belly shot comes commentary about how much the baby is moving, how swollen my feet are, etc.

Not so much this time.  I will just say she is very active and we are getting more and more excited to meet her everyday.  Then we will move on to a different (but related) topic, because this mama needs some advice.

As one can tell from the rate of reproduction in the Stokes home, we are not really birth control savvy (yep, I am going there).  My only experience with birth control was this one time during fertility treatments.  It was Yaz, and it was not so great.

4 years ago, during all the fertility stuff, Jared and I decided we would never have me go on birth control (and that was solidified by the Terrible Yaz Incident of 2008). 

But 3 kids in 3 years has changed our tune a tad.  My body needs A BREAK!!!!  This pregnancy has been much harder than the other 2.  I am still sick, and way more uncomfortable and swollen way earlier than normal. (PLEASE do not take this as me complaining!!!  I realize how blessed I am to be pregnant, and am beyond thrilled to add another baby to the mix.  I just wanted to explain why I am posting on something so personal)

More importantly, my family needs a break from pregnant me.  I want to be one of those super moms who keeps a super clean house and comes up with super fun activities for her kids and creative/healthy meals everyday.  And I physically cannot even come close to being that mom while I am pregnant.  SuperLindsey is just not in the cards for me while I am growing a human in me.

Soooo, since we will be holding off for a few years, we are kind of leaning towards IUD.  Which is where I need advice. The positive aspects of it sound awesome, but I am worried it might affect our fertility when we are ready to reopen the baby factory.  Neither of us feel like 3 is our number...we definitely want more- eventually!  The thought of having problems conceiving again terrifies me!

So does anyone have experience (or know someone who has) with this particular means of birth control?  Especially any experience with conceiving afterwards?

Sorry, I totally realize the personal nature of this...I will be probably be deleting this post in a few weeks.  Or if you have some advice but don't want it public feel free to email me @ 

Now I will go to elevate my feet while the kiddos are napping- 3 cheers for cankles!!!!