Friday, March 30, 2012


Just a few random pictures from my blogging hiatus:
Random fun with Grandma, Grandpa and cousins.
And each other. And a diaper box.

Random Kerrigan:
Back in the day, before those 2 pink lines, I was a better mom. We dressed up. We did crafts. We made fun lunches. We picked our noses...some of us more than others, of course :)
I bet Kerrigan misses that mom. We all are hoping she will be back soon! Hang in there sis, I am working on it.
Random Tucker (aka The Grey Hair Maker)
Seriously, this kid keeps me on my toes. He is always up to something.
Climbing on furniture, making messes, digging in the trash, eating non-edibles. And my personal favorite, taking a relaxing soak in the freaking toilet.
Good heck, just looking at these pictures makes me TIIIIIIIIRED! I think I will go take a nap!

A Year of Firsts...

This past year has been a big year for Kerrigan...and for Jared and I as first time parents to a "big kid"
In August, she started going to Joy School and dance class. Not gonna lie, the kid thinks she is pretty hot stuff with all her big girl activities. I tend to agree.
In January she started going to Primary. We are still working on selling her on the idea that Primary is cooler than playing with toys in nursery. When we tell her it's time to get ready for church, she usually says, "I don't like's too big". I think she means too long. To be honest there are some Sundays that I {again} tend to agree :)
I don't think it helps that we aren't in the same ward as her Joy School buddies anymore, but she is definitely warming up.
In every ward there is "that kid" who wanders and twirls around in the front of the room during Sharing Time. I am proud to announce that this year, "that kid" belongs to me...ok, maybe not proud, but it does make me giggle.
In January she had her first dance recital. It was probably the best 90 seconds of my life. Kerrigan is a bit of a free spirit- and let's just say it definitely showed on stage.
I wish I could get the video to load, but it's just not happening. I will just tell you the 2 highlights for me as a parent: at one point she started messing with her in pulled it super high, and then started pulling it down, a little too far down. Jared and I were DYING, positive that our kid was about to take "Fly Away Little Butterfly" to a new level. At the last second, she decided to keep her costume on.
Then at the end, all the girls start exiting stage left. My child starts exiting, back? She got halfway to the back, and realized she was going the wrong way so ran back to her fellow butterflies with the cheesiest smile I have ever seen on her face.
She is my child. I just don't know what else to say.

Kerrigan's Birthday

We decided to do a *slightly* bigger party for Kerrigan for her 3rd birthday. It was tons of fun, and she helped a lot with the planning. She knew who she wanted to come, what she would wear and what the theme would be : FAIRIES!!!!
All her cute little friends came dressed as fairies, and we had little fairy wings for everyone. We danced to Tinkerbell music, painted nails and even made pixie dust. I wish I had been better at taking pictures, it was all so stinkin' cute!
One MAJOR perk to living a few miles from family is having cousins willing to come help out with crowd control. I think eight 2-4 yr olds would have been a tad overwhelming for me (especially in Dec. when we had to stay indoors) and they were absolute LIFESAVERS!!!!!
We were even lucky enough to have Grandma come for the party...and bring along a special guest: The ToothFAIRY!!!! She did a great job of teaching us how to do good brushing, and brought goodie bags for all the little fairies!
I don't know what I did to deserve this adorable, crazy, loving, sweet, weird, loud, free spirited 3 year old...but I am sure glad she is mine!

November AND December

That's right folks, I am combining 2 major months...can you handle it?!?
For Turkey Day, we all flew out to Tucson to check out Jared's parents' new digs. Not going to lie, being able to go swimming at the end of November- AHHHHmazing!
We enjoyed lots of family time, pool time and rest time.
Also noteworthy is the 2nd picture on the top row. Kerrigan packed her suitcase the week before. She knows once we break out her Trunki (seriously BEST PURCHASE EVER!!!) it means we are going to the airport. We let her pack her snacks and toys for the airport, then she gets to hitch a ride on it as we are walking thru the airport...such a lifesaver!
We headed to Arizona for Christmas. The kids and I went early and hung out with my sister's family for a week and a half. Sadly, I started feeling mysteriously sick and tired, so I didn't take any pictures! Oops!
Then we headed up to Flagstaff to my parents house, and Jared met up with us. We got our sugar cookies, sledding and yoga on. Always loads of random fun at Grandma and Grandpa's.
Christmas morning:
Not sure why my kids look homeless in these pictures- we had already been to church, then came home for presents. Brooke's family couldn't come up, so my kiddos enjoyed the spotlight all morning. Santa left most of the bigger presents at our house, since we had to drive home a few days later.
2 random pregnancy stories:
#1. While we were at my parents' ward, I suddenly felt "the urge" and had to make a ladylike dash to the restroom. Halfway down the hallway, someone behind me said hi to me and I think asked me how I was. I started to slow down...the threw up in my mouth... and returned to a more frantic dash. So to the kind unknown person who saw me that day- my apologies for not returning your greetings. I had more urgent matters to attend to!
#2. 20 months ago, I drove down to Flagstaff from Idaho @ 36 weeks pregnant. Not going to lie, I thought it was awful. Turns out, compared to the drive at 9 weeks pregnant, it is a piece of cake. WORST DRIVE EVER KNOWN TO MAN!!!! I literally have never felt so sick in my life...never again will I make a long drive in the first trimester of pregnancy. Let's just say Jared deserves major points for getting us all home in one piece!


I have a lot of blogging to catch up on. Unfortunately, I also have a lot of life in general to catch up on now that I am starting to feel human again.
Which means condensed posts full of collages of unedited pictures. Not my favorite way to blog, but it will have to do for now.

Jared and I went on our first childless "vacation" to Vegas. It was really a State Farm Convention, but there was tons of free time and HELLO, did you catch the fact that we didn't have our kids?!? Totally qualifies as a vacation!
We saw shows, stayed at a fancy hotels, ate tons of food and cruised the strip. Oh yeah, and I got frisked at airport security. Note to self: don't wear a maxi dress to fly...they are a major security red flag!

Lucky kiddos got to go to 2 Trunk or Treats, one for our ward and one with the cousins. Have I mentioned how much we love living by family- because WE DO!
We went with a Tangled theme this year. The girl was Rapunzel and the boy was Pascal. I totally went super Mormon Momma and made Kerrigan's costume...I know, I know- I am amazing :)
Do you love the bottom left picture? Yep, that was the only one I could get of both of them looking at me. Begging for candy is hard work, fo sho!