Friday, March 30, 2012

Kerrigan's Birthday

We decided to do a *slightly* bigger party for Kerrigan for her 3rd birthday. It was tons of fun, and she helped a lot with the planning. She knew who she wanted to come, what she would wear and what the theme would be : FAIRIES!!!!
All her cute little friends came dressed as fairies, and we had little fairy wings for everyone. We danced to Tinkerbell music, painted nails and even made pixie dust. I wish I had been better at taking pictures, it was all so stinkin' cute!
One MAJOR perk to living a few miles from family is having cousins willing to come help out with crowd control. I think eight 2-4 yr olds would have been a tad overwhelming for me (especially in Dec. when we had to stay indoors) and they were absolute LIFESAVERS!!!!!
We were even lucky enough to have Grandma come for the party...and bring along a special guest: The ToothFAIRY!!!! She did a great job of teaching us how to do good brushing, and brought goodie bags for all the little fairies!
I don't know what I did to deserve this adorable, crazy, loving, sweet, weird, loud, free spirited 3 year old...but I am sure glad she is mine!

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taytum said...

Miss K and my Brody have no choice...they are getting married someday. Can you say arranged marriage?