Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Sometimes at the end of the day I think to myself, "Self, did you accomplish ANYTHING today?!?!"

Lots of times, the answer is -other than keeping my kids alive, happy and snotty nose free- a big, fat negatory.

Housekeeping, extensive personal grooming and me-time often get placed on the back burner to trying to be the best parent I can be.

So yeah, at the end of the day, when I see dirty dishes in the sink, loads of laundry needing to be done and my hair BEGGING for some attention, I do sometimes wonder what the heck I did all day.

Then I remember the potty training, endless nose wipings, feedings, multiple clothes and diaper changes, comfortings, time outs, messy art projects, positive reinforcements, story telling, etc.

If I manage to focus on all those things, instead of what I didn't get done, I can give myself a pat on the back for surviving another day as a stay at home mom!

My job is one of the most physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually demanding jobs...and I would not trade it for ANYTHING!

*Sidenote: I am not saying it is impossible to do all of the above. I know plenty of women who always look great, find time to be social, cook meals, have a clean house and incredibly loved kids. I am just not there yet : ) The good news is I can always improve- and that is something I am striving for! I just need to remember to be a little kinder to myself when I fall short...and this article reminded me of that!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

6 months...

Since Tucker turns 7 months in 6 days, I figured I ought to post his six month pictures and stats.

At six months Tucker is 27.5" (the 75th percentile) and weighs 17 lbs 14 oz (the 50th percentile). He is definitely thinning out, but we aren't suprised. He is such a wiggle worm and always on the go!
He is such a happy little guy, and is starting to enjoy Kerrigan's company (and vice versa). I LOVE LOVE LOVE watching them giggle and interact with each other.

He still has no teeth (I swear K had like 5 by the time she was his age), but he doesn't let that stop him from eating solids...he gums the heck out of little finger foods like its nobody's business!

He is obviously sitting on his own, and is trying so so hard to crawl. His efforts usually result in a backwards scoot, which frustrates the dickens out of him.

He is one chill little dude. Some call it a good nature, I personally think it is a survival instinct. The less attention he draws, the smaller the chances of getting pummelled by his sister.

While he is very good natured, he does have a temper that appears every once in awhile. It comes quick, and it comes hard. He can be way more spunky than Kerrigan was. Doesn't happen often, but he makes sure you hear him when he needs something!

Our buddy boy is still such a snuggle bug. I try to make sure at least 1 nap a day is in his crib, but 1 is also in our living room (usually being held by me). I want him to be flexible with sleep...either self soothing in his crib, or on the go wherever we are. So far it has worked for us. He sleeps good in his crib, but GREAT when he is cuddled up to mom.
I love buddy/mommy naptime. So much of my day is consumed by a suddenly very demanding 2 year old, so it is nice to be able to spend a few hours lovin' on my bubba!
I can't believe he is over half a year old! If only there was a slow motion button for life. Tucker, please stop growing so fast!!!!

*Sorry for the picture overload...these are probably some of my all time favorite pictures I have ever taken. It was hard to choose which ones to post, so you got a large majority of them : )

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's

Every once in awhile, the stars align to create a work of art such as this:

Although, in this case, the stars are 2 snotty noses, a tired 6 month old who thinks he needs to try to crawl everytime he is placed on his belly, a 2 year old with the A.D.D. she inherited from both parents and a strong, brisk wind.
Sometimes you just have to laugh and embrace the crazy that is life : )

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Five Years...

It all started with this:

A cute boy asking me to marry him. Oh my, look how young we were- practically babies!
And a few months later we were here:

I was watching a show the other day, and someone mentioned the fact that everyone is nervous before getting married.
I must be a weirdo, because I never was. I never had any doubts that I had found my other (and much, much better) half...I was marrying the perfect guy for me.

Ok, enough mushy stuff!
Here we are -5 years, 2 kiddos, 9 apartments, 1 home, 4 new nieces, 1 new nephew, 1 new sister in law, 3 cars, 1 car accident, 1 cat (we still miss you Cricket), 7 jobs, 0 trips to Disney (hint, hint), 2 years of infertility, 1 miracle baby girl, 1 surprise pregnancy, hundreds of tears, MILLIONS of laughs and 1 very filling meal at Cheesecake Factory- later:

Happy Anniversary Jared! I love your buns (and the rest of you, too)!!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2 Years Old...

...only 3 months late : )

I finally got around to taking Kerrigan's 2 year old pictures. She is such a goober these days, and refuses to look at the camera, so many of them looked like this:

She also has a new excited face. While I adore it in person, it doesn't make for the sweetest pictures (still cute, though):

And then there were some that I will treasure FOREVER!!!! I am so in love with my baby, I mean big, girl....