Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boston and Salem- aka The Last Hurrah

This past weekend we went with a group of friends to Boston and Salem. We had a blast, and it was beautiful up there. We drove up early Saturday morning with the Johnsons and the Jensens, and met the Moffits who had driven up the night before.
We started out the day in the Boston Commons park. Have you ever read the children's story Make Way for Ducklings? It was a family favorite growing up, and set in this park.
When we first got to the park, there was a group of guys running around the park, so I thought I would jump in on the workout. The guy next to me was apparently a fan of the pregnant lady trying to run next to them!

We walked a good portion of the Freedom Trail (if you haven't been there, it is a path that takes you through a ton of the historical sites of Boston). This is the group outside of Paul Revere's home. I look like I am threatening the guy who took the picture, but I really was just trying to explain how to take the picture.
Also, I look huge...does everyone else swell like a balloon if they do alot of walking, or am I a big freak o' nature?

Poor Jared got pooped on by a nasty pigeon. After that, he was really jumpy every time birds would fly over us!

The group in front of the church where Paul Revere hung the lantern to warn the people that they were being invaded.

That night we drove up to Salem, to spend the night with witches and haunted houses. Very creepy town, but a good way to get in the Halloween mood. There are tons of museums that give the history of the witch trials, talk about the random "haunted houses", etc. Such a cool place.
Here we are in front of the 10th most haunted house in the world...can you see the terror in our eyes?
We then stayed the night in a hotel, and being as cheap as us, 3 of us couples shared a room- so snug! Its been awhile since my last slumber party : ) By the end of the day, my feet were so swollen, they were hanging over the sides of my shoes (I wish I had photographically documented this classy phenomenon).
This is why we have deemed this trip the last hurrah! I hereby declare that until I have this child I will no longer be available for adventures such as this. Sorry friends, I had a kickin good time, it just isn't going to happen again until Jared can help carry the baby.

The next morning, we headed up to Harvard. We stopped to take tons of pictures because the colors were absolutely gorgeous.

It looks like Jared is giving me the bird, hehe. He is actually just crossing his fingers because he has considered going to Harvard at some point if he does well on the GMAT.

Isn't he so handsome!!!!!
We also stopped by the Boston temple and then headed home.

I had to include this picture with the fancy border I added. When we were at Walmart the night before the big trip (picking up snacks for the adventure) Ben picked up a box of strawberry whoppers. I didn't see the flavor, and said something about how nice it was for him to be so breast cancer aware (because of the pink box).
After that, every time Ben would whip out his box of whoppers, Ben's amazing commitment to breast cancer of awareness would become the topic of discussion. I dedicate this picture to that commitment- way to go Ben!

And finally here are some pictures I took that I just like and thought were pretty.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A couple of weeks ago my mother and father-in-law came to visit. We drove up to Palmyra on Friday night, spent a little time there then drove to Boston and then came home on Sunday. It was a blast, but after spending almost 16 hours driving in one weekend I vowed I was done traveling until after the baby came (which didn't actually work out, seeing as we spent this past weekend in Boston with some friends- but that will be the next post).

Anyways, here are some pictures of the trip:

The Joseph Smith house

I loved in the Smith home they had dried flowers hanging in every room. I really appreciated the idea of not having alot, but making the house a home and making something simple into something beautiful!

The Sacred Grove

Hill Cumorah Visitor Center

I also took some pictures just to show how AWESOME fall on the East Coast is. It was absolutely beautiful that weekend!

This last picture is one of my favorites...the vines that grow up the trees turn bright red in the fall. My father-in-law thought it was the coolest thing, so I had to take a picture for him.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

32 weeks

I can't believe she will be here in less than 2 months! We are getting so excited/anxious to meet her. I really need to start taking my "belly shots" in the morning so I don't look like this in all of them (getting ready to head to bed, looking EXHAUSTED). I am feeling terrific and so blessed that it has been a relatively easy pregnancy (minus the first 4 months of feeling awful).
A new development this week is the classic pregnancy waddle. I had always thought women waddled because they were so big. However, I am discovering it is because my hips changing and preparing for the baby to arrive. That's about it for now...just loving life and preparing to be a mom.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I tricked you all, I knew how to do it all along.... I am not computerly challenged! Ok, just kidding, it took me a good 3 hours to figure it out- but I triumphed after wasting half my day and now it is fall fun all the way!

On a different note, lets talk poop, my friends. Literally. We have been trying to stock up on diapers and wipes for our little bundle o' joy to try to spread out the impending colossal cost of raising a child. Thanks for the advice Whitney.

However, each time we go to the store we (actually just me- Jared doesn't care) face the same dilemma. How do I know which brand of diaper to buy?

Do I go Pampers, because I have heard they are the best (especially the Swaddler variety) despite the fact that they are EXPENSIVE??? Or do I go with the cheap brand, and hope for the best?

I know, I know- every kid is different. Some diapers go better with a certain shaped baby (though I don't really get that, I haven't ever seen a baby and thought, "Holy moly, how did they find a diaper to fit that body". To me, they all look like basically the same shape-different sizes, sure, but different shape? WHOA, huge tangent, let me get back to my point)

I know some kids have explosive...well you know what I mean- and others are generally more dainty when it comes know. I really need to get more comfortable with the fact that my precious daughter is going to poop, so I don't need to refer to it as "you know".

Basically, I get the whole trial and error with figuring out which diaper works best.

That being said, I am still trying to stock up on diapers, so understanding that concept is no help here. So I am creating a poll. Please vote! What kind of diaper do you use on your wee one (pun definitely intended)?

Also, if you feel the need to clarify anything, feel MORE than welcome to leave a comment explaining your vote. But in the interest of my SANITY (as well as Jared's... he has to sit there in the diaper aisle with me for like 20 minutes while I weigh my options every time we go to the store), PLEASE VOTE!!!!!

I can promise you your participation is MUCH appreciated!


So I went to change my header and template, since the 4th of July theme was SO 4 months ago : ) Anyways, not only did I lose ALL of my friends and family links, I don't have any editing abilities. When I go to template, it says I need to upgrade my template to get to the layout functions....but there is no button to upgrade like the directions say there is. Does that make sense?
Basically, to edit ANYTHING on my blog layout I have to upgrade my template, but I can't figure out how to do that. HELP!!! Has anyone else had this problem?
I went to template, then clicked on customize design. That is where there is supposed to be an Upgrade Your Template button...but it isn't there. I don't know if you can tell, but I am more than a little frustrated!
Also, I made a backup of my previous template (just in case), which would give me back all my links. However, I think until I figure out how to upgrade I can't get my old template back.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Grateful Sunday (a day late)

Today I am especially grateful for my sister, Brookey Babe. (Also grateful for this picture, a rare shot of Brooke who is usually located BEHIND the camera). She just sent us a package o' love, which included but is not limited to, this:

I am SO excited to have a photo shoot with the baby in her tutu!

For anyone who knows her, this is not unusual. Brooke constantly puts others before herself. She is always thinking of what other people need or want. I get at least a phone call a week of her letting me know where there is a good sale on baby furniture, clothes, maternity clothes, etc. It is nice to know that someone is thinking of me!

She is also awesome at keeping in touch with people (something that I need to learn from her). She has contact with everyone in our family at least once every week- usually more. Sometimes when I have a problem, I know I can call Brooke and she is the only person who can make me laugh.

So here is my official shout out to one of my favorite people in the world!

I am your #1 fan Brooke, I LOVE YOUR GUTS!!!!


Getting BIG!!!

Less than 10 weeks left....holy cow! Sorry for the icky picture, it was a rough day at work which is really showing on my face.
Can't wait for her to get here!!!!!