Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have never been much of a cook. I don't really get the satisfaction from doing it that I hear others' talk about.

The first few months of marriage I cooked every night for Jared. It was probably terrible, but I tried!

However, after that, our schedules never really aligned to a point where we could eat dinner together. At one point when we were both going to school and didn't see a whole lot of each other, Jared came to the conclusion that it really wasn't worth me cooking an entire meal that we never got to share together.

I did not argue : )

I don't think he realized his declaration would have the long term effects it did. I have not regularly cooked since then.

Up until now, it just hasn't made sense. Jared doesn't get home at a certain time, so we can't plan to eat at a certain time. We don't even have room for a kitchen table in our apartment! Even when Kerrigan came along, she just nursed and ate baby food and occasionally had a few bites of whatever I was eating.

However, the time has come when I need to make a big change. What better time could there be to improve my eating/cooking habits than when I have a toddler developing lifelong eating habits, and when I have a fetus relying on me to supply it with good nutrients.

I have no idea where to start, though!

What are your dinners like? Where do you find healthy recipes that interest toddlers? What is your families favorite meal?

I really do need help. Even if it just basic, and I should know it...odds are I DO NOT! Please help me get my family back (actually probably not back since we were never there) on the healthy, well balanced meal train!


If you have a recipe, feel free to email it to

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The joys of apartment living!

Dear Neighbors,

I know we don't know each other very well. We have met only a few times, but you all seem very nice. I really can't complain. HOWEVER, I do feel the need to make a few suggestions.

Neighbors across the hall: I commend you (the wife) on making dinner every single night for your husband. I am sure he appreciates the love it shows. I think Jared would probably be a little (read: VERY) jealous of your dedication if the smell of your cooking did not bring tears to our eyes (and more recently, make me throw up). Might I suggest you explore spices other than curry? Possibly something that does not sting the nostrils? Also, remember, take out every once in awhile does not make you a bad wife...and it makes you a much more loved neighbor.

Also, I like your dog very much. He seems very friendly. Unfortunately, I think maybe a smaller breed would be more appropriate for your living arrangements. If you have to let your dog run rampant in the hallways of the complex a few times a day, it may be a sign he is a bit too big for small quarters. Sometimes I like to let my child walk to and from the elevator, and it would be nice not to have to scoop her up quickly as your huge dog runs full speed at us.

I also am not a fan of his constant barking. If he wakes my kid up from one more nap, drastic measures may need to be taken!

Neighbors next door: I haven't had the pleasure of meeting either of you. I understand one of you is a pretty recent addition to the apartment. I would appreciate if you guys could come up with a better system for locking your doors. Maybe you should remove the deadbolt so the other roommate doesn't have to pound on the door in the middle of the night to be let in. Please see me if you need any other suggestions...I come up with many creative solutions in the middle of the night when I am awakened by your banging on the door!


Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday's Smorgasbord...

...of random ramblings.

- I have a clean tub in the first time in waaaaaay too long. It is amazingly refreshing. K is enjoying the independence of taking baths, since we have been only showering so she wouldn't make contact with the dirty tub.

-I am excited for Easter. I am really excited for K's Easter dress that Grandma and Grandpa Stokes bought for her. At some point, I will show you pictures (after I get the motivation to take some : )

- I check our Relief Society's Yahoo group way too much some days, but sometimes forget to check it for a few days. Unfortunately, the days I forget to check it are always the days someone is trying to find a home for something I could use. So Kristin, I am officially appointing you as my Yahoo ambassador (since it goes to your gmail), if you see anything I need, let me know!

- I have had a clear elastic hairband on my finger for about 4 days now. I picked it up so K wouldn't choke on it, and keep forgetting to find a safe home for it. The only time I notice it is in the shower...where in the world would I put it in there?

- I am constantly amazed at the random connections I find via the internet. Yesterday, I found an interesting blog through a BYU-Idaho friends blog. Imagine my surprise when a few posts down she mentions Jami Haban...what the????

-Kerrigan's talking is really keeping us on our toes. We have started to really watch what we say around her. While driving in the car, her grandpa said something involving the word dang...K repeated the whole 3 word phrase including dang. We are also realizing how much we compliment her by saying, "Nice helping, or nice voice". Now everything she does she rewards herself with a big "Naaaawsh!" Jared really wants to teach her to say rad.

-We have been really working on not poking babies eyes, poor Eve is our guinea pig. K is getting really good at kisses instead of eye gouging, although sometimes the kisses are a little too intense...but an improvement, nonetheless. We are still working on Jared, he has a ways to go.

-Don't you hate when you like a name, only to realize a famous person has it? I LOVE the name Miley, but HELLO I don't want people to associate her with Hannah Montana. Same deal with the name Finn, HOW CUTE IS THAT...darn Glee!!! Along the same lines is when someone in the ward comes up with a really creative name that you love (like Penelope), but it is so unique there is no way it wouldn't be copying that person.

- We need a double jogging stroller and a toddler bed...any suggestions?

-I am carrying RIDICULOUSLY low this time around. I have also been feeling the baby move really early (a little before 15 weeks) and Jared felt it move last week. Is that really early to anyone else, I feel like I am carrying a half vampire baby!

-I am excited to no longer have an "it" in a little over a week...what do you think we are having?

Friday, March 26, 2010

4 Years 1 Week and 2 Days Ago...

I made the best decision of my life:

March 17th 2006
Jared, in true Stokes form was early to the temple.
I, in true Lindsey form, was late.
He thought I wasn't going to show.
I did.
People always say, "It only seems like yesterday..." To me it seems like a lifetime has past since that day.
Together we have faced trials and triumphs, heartache and joy. We have grown closer and become better because of each.
So to some, 4 years 1 week and 2 days is just a tiny speck of time.
To me, 4 years 1 week and 2 days is EVERYTHING!!!
4 years 1 week and 2 days ago is when life really began for me, and it has been an amazing adventure I chose.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Baby Eve...

Megan let me take pictures of Eve this past week, which got me all geared up to do the newborn thing in 5 months. Is she not the cutest??? She made it so easy, just laid there and looked sweet.

Here are some of my favorites (minus bare bum- didn't want Braden to kill me : )

Look at those eyes, oh my heck!!!!
The matching bracelet and flower Megan made for her blessing day.

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL?!?!?!?!

Close call!

Saturday night we were heading to our personal heaven on earth, aka IKEA. We didn't make it very far because the weather was terrible, traffic was slow and my stomach disagreed with the driving. So we turned around to come home.

Right as we were getting back on the highway towards home we got a call from Megan. She was stranded at home (while her husband was picking up his mom to the airport) with no car, no electricity, a 1 month old baby and it was starting to get dark. Did I mention winds of 60+ mph had been reported.

We told her we would be there soon to pick them up so they could at least be somewhere with heat and light.

When we got there, Jared pulled up to the curb to try to get as close to their door as possible... and then had the feeling to a few feet forward, which he did. He jumped out to go to get them, and I got out and grabbed some stuff to put in the trunk.

All of a sudden, there was a HUGE gust of wind and a loud cracking sound. I froze for a second, then ran to get back in the car. I heard the tree crash to the ground behind me about the same time something smacked my head. In my state of mind, the whole tree had just fallen on my head...reality : a branch hit my head and the roof of the car.

When Jared heard the crack of the tree trunk, he dove onto the porch. The tree landed right where he had been, missing him by inches.

It is amazing to me that had we arrived even a few seconds later or Jared didn't have the reflexes of a puma he would have been crushed by the tree.

I am so grateful that he followed the prompting that really didn't make much sense (to park further from their door). The bulk of the 60 foot tree landed where he initially parked and would have landed right on me and Kerrigan.

As it is, we managed to escape with a slightly dented car roof and a small bump on my melon. (We like to say it was my head that kept the tree from completely crushing their house : )

The Edwards...not so lucky. Half of the tree landed on their roof, and they have water damage in their bathroom and kitchen.

However, under the circumstances I would say both of our families are pretty dang lucky!

*A piece of the tree assailant*
Little sidenote: Jared kept mocking me that night, calling my branch a tiny twig. He has since recanted this statement after seeing the dent my "twig" left on the roof of the car. HA!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Little Insert:

P.S. Did anyone notice the badger pelt in the background? That would be Jared's pride and joy that his family got tanned (I have NO IDEA if that is the right verb) for Christmas...thank you Stokes men : )

Wouldn't be so bad if we had a man cove to store it in, but alas, we do not!

What makes it worse, Kerrigan loves the dang thing! She carries it around, calls it her kitty and even snuggles it while sucking her thumb when tired.


Defying Gravity...

I am so in love with this video (I hope it works, blogger has been tough on my videos). Like I said earlier, Kerrigan likes to watch Glee while she eats dinner- hence the messy face.

She has started singing along with the music. Which really just means she sings "BYE" to any word that sounds like bye.

It could just be me, but I think she has pretty good pitch for a 15 month old!

Monday, March 1, 2010

The Dirty Details (minus the dirty)...

To answer a few questions:

Due Date: Sept. 3rd It was originally August 27th, but the doc pushed it back a week (BOO!)
How did we find out? Funny story! This baby is a 100% natural, homemade, no medical help needed surprise. Since I nursed Kerrigan until her 1st birthday, my ability to reproduce did not return until September.
Since I was still really irregular, we didn't really think anything of its 7 1/2 week absence, until I started feeling sick in the mornings. I finally decided to take a pregnancy test after being sick for a week.
So I took the test, only to realize I didn't have the directions anymore (it was an old test) to read the results...AWESOME : ) So I (literally) ran to Target and bought an easy to read test and low and behold:
(see how the first one could be misread. I didn't know if there was supposed to be a plus sign or just 2 lines...)
How am I feeling? Not so hot. Very sick actually.
For the first week, I was pumped because I was only sick in the mornings- so excited to finally experience just morning sickness.
However, a week later, the real deal hit. I can't seem to keep food down, which is fun : ) Yesterday I was so excited because I ONLY threw up 3 times...HOT DOG!!!
I feel awful for my poor family. Jared is really having to pick up my slack, which I appreciate so much. And Kerrigan...I can't really talk about it without crying. She is handling my sickness like a champ, but I am feeling like a terrible mother! Hopefully it won't last too long and she will get her mommy back!
Hope this isn't too much complaining...we are surviving, and that is what counts : )
My size? Despite the sickness weight loss, my stomach is growing at an astonishing rate! I had Jared take a picture last Saturday, and when we were looking at it, he asked why I was sticking my stomach out.
SERIOUSLY?!??!?!?!!? He has since learned those are never appropriate words to say to a pregnant woman.
In his defence, he really hasn't seen me in anything other than t-shirts for the past few weeks. Ooops!
What gender are we hoping for?
Part of us wants to fulfill Jared's lifelong dream of having a boy...the other part thinks it would be fun to have 2 girls so close in age (20 months apart).
Either way, we are so excited to have a new little one in our home!