Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have never been much of a cook. I don't really get the satisfaction from doing it that I hear others' talk about.

The first few months of marriage I cooked every night for Jared. It was probably terrible, but I tried!

However, after that, our schedules never really aligned to a point where we could eat dinner together. At one point when we were both going to school and didn't see a whole lot of each other, Jared came to the conclusion that it really wasn't worth me cooking an entire meal that we never got to share together.

I did not argue : )

I don't think he realized his declaration would have the long term effects it did. I have not regularly cooked since then.

Up until now, it just hasn't made sense. Jared doesn't get home at a certain time, so we can't plan to eat at a certain time. We don't even have room for a kitchen table in our apartment! Even when Kerrigan came along, she just nursed and ate baby food and occasionally had a few bites of whatever I was eating.

However, the time has come when I need to make a big change. What better time could there be to improve my eating/cooking habits than when I have a toddler developing lifelong eating habits, and when I have a fetus relying on me to supply it with good nutrients.

I have no idea where to start, though!

What are your dinners like? Where do you find healthy recipes that interest toddlers? What is your families favorite meal?

I really do need help. Even if it just basic, and I should know it...odds are I DO NOT! Please help me get my family back (actually probably not back since we were never there) on the healthy, well balanced meal train!


If you have a recipe, feel free to email it to


CJ Sime said...

I would like to present my favorite recipe:

But if that doesn't work go to this link to see this lady's meal plan she posts one weekly. She also does a "monthly cooking day."

& also

Hope this helps!!!!

Dustin and Erin Watson said...

It's not the most amazing thing, but I do have a cooking blog. There is also a bunch of links to other recipe sites on it as well.

Reisner's said...

Good luck with that. I feel just like you, I really try to cook healthy food but sometimes it's kinda hard when I have such a limitation to my cooking. SO no advice here just luck. Let me know how it goes.

Dulcie said...

One thing that helps me, is to decide in the morning what I'll be cooking that evening. I pull out the meat and canned ingredients so that they stare at me all day. Finally, once dinner comes around I'm mentally prepared for the meal I'm making. I know it's kind of a random suggestion but it really helps me.

Crock pot cooking is also a lifesaver. It doesn't take much time to prepare but it always turns out delicious.

dustyperle said...

HELLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOO!!!! If you don't know where the best cook in the world is your are Crazy!! I think you were spoiled maybe that's what it is. Your mother is the best cook and I have ever had the pleasure to share a meal with. CALL HER!!!! I miss that wonderful time in our lives. But mostly I miss the good food courtesy of your sweet mother. SO then after you call her and get all of her secrets please call me and spill your guts! Love you and miss you tons gal. Let us know when you will be in flag again so we can perhaps make the trip and see that cute baby bump!

The Arbuckle's said...

summer time is the best time to start simple. A meat of choice, vegetable, salad. I don't cook anything fancy but I make sure there is a vegetable on the table so Noah knows we eat them.

The simplest way i cook my veggies is saute them on the stove in olive oil and salt. Simple!

Suzanne said...

Hey Linz- I am not the best cook in the world either, but I keep on trying! My little piece of advice as you begin to develop food habits with Kerrigan is to make her try a food more than once before deciding that she doesn't like it. Especially vegetables! Matt and I were determined not to have picky eaters, so they have to have at least two bites of something before they can say they don't like it. And then the next time we that same thing, they have to have another two bites. You would be amazed at the foods, especially veggies, that our kids claimed they did not like and now eat freely and even enjoy! And if they had their two bites and didn't like it we never let them substitute for another food. They had to have what was for dinner. I have friends that fix three different dinners because their kids won't eat what they eat. Our kids didn't have the choice! Maybe that is us being too strict, but it sure makes meal time a lot more simple and "whine" free!
Love ya lots!!!

Natalie Braithwaite said...

I'm not the best but what I've done is make a list of the things we as a family like and what I know how to make. Then when i'm not sure what to cook I refer to the list. I'm cheap so I usually see what's on sale and then see what I can make with that. Family favs: fajitas, baked potato with broccoli and cheese and chicken quesadillas(SP?). When you are not sure about something got to All