Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturday's Smorgasbord...

...of random ramblings.

- I have a clean tub in the first time in waaaaaay too long. It is amazingly refreshing. K is enjoying the independence of taking baths, since we have been only showering so she wouldn't make contact with the dirty tub.

-I am excited for Easter. I am really excited for K's Easter dress that Grandma and Grandpa Stokes bought for her. At some point, I will show you pictures (after I get the motivation to take some : )

- I check our Relief Society's Yahoo group way too much some days, but sometimes forget to check it for a few days. Unfortunately, the days I forget to check it are always the days someone is trying to find a home for something I could use. So Kristin, I am officially appointing you as my Yahoo ambassador (since it goes to your gmail), if you see anything I need, let me know!

- I have had a clear elastic hairband on my finger for about 4 days now. I picked it up so K wouldn't choke on it, and keep forgetting to find a safe home for it. The only time I notice it is in the shower...where in the world would I put it in there?

- I am constantly amazed at the random connections I find via the internet. Yesterday, I found an interesting blog through a BYU-Idaho friends blog. Imagine my surprise when a few posts down she mentions Jami Haban...what the????

-Kerrigan's talking is really keeping us on our toes. We have started to really watch what we say around her. While driving in the car, her grandpa said something involving the word dang...K repeated the whole 3 word phrase including dang. We are also realizing how much we compliment her by saying, "Nice helping, or nice voice". Now everything she does she rewards herself with a big "Naaaawsh!" Jared really wants to teach her to say rad.

-We have been really working on not poking babies eyes, poor Eve is our guinea pig. K is getting really good at kisses instead of eye gouging, although sometimes the kisses are a little too intense...but an improvement, nonetheless. We are still working on Jared, he has a ways to go.

-Don't you hate when you like a name, only to realize a famous person has it? I LOVE the name Miley, but HELLO I don't want people to associate her with Hannah Montana. Same deal with the name Finn, HOW CUTE IS THAT...darn Glee!!! Along the same lines is when someone in the ward comes up with a really creative name that you love (like Penelope), but it is so unique there is no way it wouldn't be copying that person.

- We need a double jogging stroller and a toddler bed...any suggestions?

-I am carrying RIDICULOUSLY low this time around. I have also been feeling the baby move really early (a little before 15 weeks) and Jared felt it move last week. Is that really early to anyone else, I feel like I am carrying a half vampire baby!

-I am excited to no longer have an "it" in a little over a week...what do you think we are having?


Chantel said...

I love this post!! Is how a true mom thinks-about everything and nothing at the same time :) You will notice you feel your little one earlier and see earlier with consecutive pregnancies, so that's normal. As for low, well maybe it's a boy (that's my guess).

CJ Sime said...

You are completely awesome. In everyway.

Kristin and Mike Jenson said...

I'm honored to be your go-to-girl with the yahoo group...

The Arbuckle's said...

Stokes Family, you crack me up. I love your family stories, your random thoughts, forgetfulness, etc. I always have a great time with you guys.

I love kerrigans little voice, she is one funny girl. Can I take her for a day?

taytum said...

I think its another girl, and that I'm having another boy! Wouldn't that be funny? Crazy that you guys can feel the baby!? I sorta think i've felf my little one moving, but Trevor definitely can't because I'm too fat fot that.

Lesley Wright said...

Boys seem to be popular lately. My guess is a boy. We need to prepare God's army so he is sending a lot of boys.

Hillary said...

I just typed a response and it disappears, so if you end up with 2 comments from me, sorry!

As far as a double stroller goes, we LOVE our Bob's Double Jogger stroller. It's a little pricey but I think it's well worth every penny. The seats recline almost all the way back, with a head rest thing (like in a carseat) you can put an infant in it with no problem. My 4 year old still fits in it. It's really easy to push. It was actually narrower than our double umbrella stroller-fits through every doorway I've ever tried. It has big wheels so it's REALLY easy to push through the sand at the beach. The sun shades come down really far. I can't think of one bad thing about it other than it doesn't fold up as small as I wish it did-you'd have to compare it with the size of your trunk.

My sister-in-law with twins loves her double Mclaren stroller too.
Good luck!