Tuesday, February 23, 2010

14 (and 1/2) months...

I forgot to do a 14 month update, and this little character develops new talents everyday so I need to document them.

At 14 (and 1/2) months, Kerrigan...

...has become quite the parrot. We have entered the stage where we really have to watch what we say. Nothing quite like hearing your 1 year old say, "crap" : )

...has started saying "OH COW!!!!" (which we think stems from the expression of Holy Cow)

...loves to take showers. She looks so cute standing there in the huge shower, looking all itty bitty!

...getting better at expanding her food variety. If she starts to fuss when eating, all we have to do is turn on Glee's Flying High or Don't Stop Believing episodes. She goes into a zone where nothing else matters but the show, and she will eat anything!

...sings Flying High. Actually, she only sings the bye of "kiss me good BYYYYYYYE" but she is always right on key. If I could get blogger to let me post videos, I would show you...but I can't.

...has added to her vocabulary: grandma (magaba), grandpa (paga), Bubba (nickname of her cousin), ow (overused frequently), grapes and bye (her way of saying love you : )

...will pretty much attempt to say anything you ask her to.

...is really into books (reads to herself) and baby dolls. Which is good considering this little cutie entered our lives a few weeks ago (couldn't you just eat her up, sweet Eve)...

...and in 6 months, she will start her new job as:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Weekend...

This past weekend my main squeeze treated us GOOOOOD!!!

K and I had a serious case of cabin fever going on, so Jared took us up to Mystic, CT for the weekend. It was a BLAST and a much needed trip.

Since it is usually more of a summer spot, we had to get a little creative with our adventures. We visited:

-The first nuclear submarine...unbelievable how tiny everything was! I will never again complain about the size of our apartment!

-Chucky Cheese. I love when Jared lets me relive some favorite childhood memories!

-Mystic Aquarium. K loved all the underwater viewing tanks. As she said many times, they were "cool cool"! We also got to attend a pretty sweet sea lion show (I tried uploading a video, but blogger isn't letting me...maybe later)

-Mohegan Sun Casino. We designated $10 each to try our luck at the slots : ) Jared lost his pretty quickly. I was able to double my $10, plus $6 so I let him try my machine- he quickly lost the $6. We called it quits when we broke even at $20, and neither of us got addicted...all in all a success I would say : )

Some favorite trip pics:

K loved the hotel room. Please note her new towel fashion statement. She loves strutting around with it around her neck. I love how her little bum is hanging out it the back, she looks like the Coppertone baby.

And my personal favorite:

This was at the penguin underwater exhibit. One penguin kept swimming up to Kerrigan and Jared and would hang out there and stare at them for awhile. It is such a neat thing to see how observant K has gotten recently. I love the expression on her face...I believe she was saying, "WOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!" when I took it.


It is cold and snowing.

I want some stew.

I have no stew recipes.

Can you give me your favorite soup, stew, chili or crock pot meal recipe?


Friday, February 5, 2010

How Much Do You LOVE This Picture???

(taken at her first official friend party...cute little Teagyn turned 1!!!)

I personally love everything about it! Her eyes, her expression, her shirt, her flower, her teeth, her hair...I could go on and on!

Eeeshk, I think I may have to keep her : )

Thursday, February 4, 2010


According to wiktionary.org, shlumpy means

Adjective: schlumpy (comparative schlumpier, superlative schlumpiest)

1.Looking like a schlump; slovenly or unbecoming

Today, I feel like a shlump. It is the only word to describe how I feel.
My own personal definition is this: the realization that it is Thursday and with the exception of a pediatric visit, you and your child have yet to get dressed beyond pj's, fix our hair or really leave the apartment all week.

Yep, today I realize how shlumpy I have been this week, and it's a little embarrassing.

Is this normal or am I alone? Do you ever have weeks like this? Or does this post just give you the urge to call Child Protective Services?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I wish this was better quality...

While we were in Flagstaff for Christmas, Dad, Jan, Grandma, Orson and I went shopping in Downtown Flagstaff. For those who have not had the pleasure of doing so, it is full of little shops and boutiques. We wandered into this place and discovered the most amazing hats our eyes have ever beheld.

I really wish you could see them, they were a riot! Mine was a penguin with floofy hair, Orson sported a pink bunny, Grandma's head was adorned by a lobster, and Jan had on a... well, no one really knew what Janalie's was. It had big eyes, what we believe were huge blue lips and a white puffball on top.

Like I said AMAZING!!!!
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Monday, February 1, 2010

You Know You are LAZY...

...when your 14 month old is picking up your slack!

This morning I was in the middle of doing something, when an unpleasant aroma filled the air. The smell was clearly emanating from the diaper of my child (side note: wow, switching to whole milk has added a new, very disgusting element to her numero 2's).

Not wanting to get off task, I quickly changed her diaper and left the soiled one near my feet to be disposed of at a more convenient time. I must have been really focusing, because I didn't notice the activities of Kerrigan until I heard a squishy plop sound.

There is really only one thing that can cause that sound, it was a sound that terrified me to my very core. I quickly looked to where the diaper o' nastiness had previously been residing and saw, to my dismay, it was no longer there.

Now would be a good time to explain that K is still at the age where a vast majority of objects in her hands eventually end up in her mouth. That coupled with her new found ability to unlatch Velcro...well, you can see where the queasiness in my stomach came from.

I jumped up and ran to the kitchen (the location of the plop) just as Kerrigan was meandering out, as if a crime had just not been committed. I tried to prepare myself for the open, dirty diaper mess I was sure I was about to encounter on the floor.

But it wasn't there-what the...?!?!?!?! As a last resort, I peered in the trash can (which had just been emptied and not yet re-bagged) and saw the still intact diaper at the bottom.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! My tiny child just picked up a dirty diaper, walked over to the kitchen and threw it away!!!

Child prodigy...I think so!