Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Weekend...

This past weekend my main squeeze treated us GOOOOOD!!!

K and I had a serious case of cabin fever going on, so Jared took us up to Mystic, CT for the weekend. It was a BLAST and a much needed trip.

Since it is usually more of a summer spot, we had to get a little creative with our adventures. We visited:

-The first nuclear submarine...unbelievable how tiny everything was! I will never again complain about the size of our apartment!

-Chucky Cheese. I love when Jared lets me relive some favorite childhood memories!

-Mystic Aquarium. K loved all the underwater viewing tanks. As she said many times, they were "cool cool"! We also got to attend a pretty sweet sea lion show (I tried uploading a video, but blogger isn't letting me...maybe later)

-Mohegan Sun Casino. We designated $10 each to try our luck at the slots : ) Jared lost his pretty quickly. I was able to double my $10, plus $6 so I let him try my machine- he quickly lost the $6. We called it quits when we broke even at $20, and neither of us got addicted...all in all a success I would say : )

Some favorite trip pics:

K loved the hotel room. Please note her new towel fashion statement. She loves strutting around with it around her neck. I love how her little bum is hanging out it the back, she looks like the Coppertone baby.

And my personal favorite:

This was at the penguin underwater exhibit. One penguin kept swimming up to Kerrigan and Jared and would hang out there and stare at them for awhile. It is such a neat thing to see how observant K has gotten recently. I love the expression on her face...I believe she was saying, "WOOOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!" when I took it.


Brooke said...

Naughty gamblers :)

That last picture of her looking at the penguins. . . SPITTING IMAGE of you linds. Totally your profile.

Brooke said...

Seriously, I'm bout to bust out da childhood photo album and find some picz of you. . . I really can't get over how much that looks like you.

CJ Sime said...

What a cutie K is!!!! Love the wonder in her face in the last photo. I am so envious of your skills.

Random Writings said...

so, your child is pretty much adorable. I hope they come out of me looking that cute....but that isn't an announcement. I have to be careful these days.

Jared said...

HOLY CRAP!!! How many tickets is that guy holding up!!! He must be the best Hoop Shoot player that ever lived!!!!

Chuck E Cheese

Ami said...

Matt is jealous of the submarine and I'm more jealous of chuck E cheese. Glad you guys were able to get out of your apt for a fun weekend.

Jill said...

I usually stalk your blog silently, but had to tell you that last picture is probably the coolest thing I've seen all day.
And Jared, stop complimenting yourself. You need to be more humble like me.

The Dillinghams said...

That is so fun. I've always wanted to go up to Mystic...we will have to for sure now! My favorite is the picture of Jared with the tickets and Kerrigan sleeping away. Man I wish I could sleep like that!