Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boston and Salem- aka The Last Hurrah

This past weekend we went with a group of friends to Boston and Salem. We had a blast, and it was beautiful up there. We drove up early Saturday morning with the Johnsons and the Jensens, and met the Moffits who had driven up the night before.
We started out the day in the Boston Commons park. Have you ever read the children's story Make Way for Ducklings? It was a family favorite growing up, and set in this park.
When we first got to the park, there was a group of guys running around the park, so I thought I would jump in on the workout. The guy next to me was apparently a fan of the pregnant lady trying to run next to them!

We walked a good portion of the Freedom Trail (if you haven't been there, it is a path that takes you through a ton of the historical sites of Boston). This is the group outside of Paul Revere's home. I look like I am threatening the guy who took the picture, but I really was just trying to explain how to take the picture.
Also, I look huge...does everyone else swell like a balloon if they do alot of walking, or am I a big freak o' nature?

Poor Jared got pooped on by a nasty pigeon. After that, he was really jumpy every time birds would fly over us!

The group in front of the church where Paul Revere hung the lantern to warn the people that they were being invaded.

That night we drove up to Salem, to spend the night with witches and haunted houses. Very creepy town, but a good way to get in the Halloween mood. There are tons of museums that give the history of the witch trials, talk about the random "haunted houses", etc. Such a cool place.
Here we are in front of the 10th most haunted house in the world...can you see the terror in our eyes?
We then stayed the night in a hotel, and being as cheap as us, 3 of us couples shared a room- so snug! Its been awhile since my last slumber party : ) By the end of the day, my feet were so swollen, they were hanging over the sides of my shoes (I wish I had photographically documented this classy phenomenon).
This is why we have deemed this trip the last hurrah! I hereby declare that until I have this child I will no longer be available for adventures such as this. Sorry friends, I had a kickin good time, it just isn't going to happen again until Jared can help carry the baby.

The next morning, we headed up to Harvard. We stopped to take tons of pictures because the colors were absolutely gorgeous.

It looks like Jared is giving me the bird, hehe. He is actually just crossing his fingers because he has considered going to Harvard at some point if he does well on the GMAT.

Isn't he so handsome!!!!!
We also stopped by the Boston temple and then headed home.

I had to include this picture with the fancy border I added. When we were at Walmart the night before the big trip (picking up snacks for the adventure) Ben picked up a box of strawberry whoppers. I didn't see the flavor, and said something about how nice it was for him to be so breast cancer aware (because of the pink box).
After that, every time Ben would whip out his box of whoppers, Ben's amazing commitment to breast cancer of awareness would become the topic of discussion. I dedicate this picture to that commitment- way to go Ben!

And finally here are some pictures I took that I just like and thought were pretty.


Matt, Whitney and Grant said...

Those are some awesome pictures!!! Oh girl I swelled BAD. I could not wear my wedding rings for like 5 months. It will all be over before you know it. Not much longer =)

Kristen said...

what a fun little trip. We just love the Boston temple and are so glad that it is our temple now. We went up a couple of weeks ago and went to the greatest park around the corner from the temple. Glad to hear you are doing well.

Joseph-Shaylee said...

Beautiful pictures! What fun. :)

Ben and Cynda said...

Ben and I are dying laughing at the Breast Cancer picture.

dustyperle said...

Lindsey when I look at your blog it makes me miss you so much. When brad is done with school I am coming to live by you or with you what ever works best with the check book. Getting so excited for that new baby coming. Our prayers are with you and you look so dang cute with that balloon as you call it. Love ya gal.

Andy and Sara said...

Looks like a blast! Can't wait to see pictures of your baby!

Tales From The East said...

hahaha It totally looks like Jared is giving you the finger!

Anonymous said...

I totally got them at the dollar store. They were just too cute for a dollar to pass up. Congrats on your baby. Any names yet? I wouldn't mind at all if we kept in touch. Hope all is well.

rachel said...

wow that looks like fun! I love your prego belly so cute.

Adri said...

Bellisima! I so wish I could go to New England in the Fall...maybe one of these days. By the way darling, you look absolutely fab in the pics :) I can't believe the little munchkin is coming so soon! Take care. Love,