Saturday, November 8, 2008

Its been awhile

1. I can't wait for Jared to be a daddy (and only partially because that will mean I get to be a mommy : ) He is going to make an awesome dad, and our little girl is so lucky. She already loves her dad... a couple of weeks ago we were laying in bed and talking and she started responding to his voice! Every time he would talk she would start moving around like crazy, but as soon as he stopped talking she would lay still- talk about an AHA, we are going to be parents soon, moment.

I have never met anyone who has the ability to "win over" kids quite like Jared can. Give him 5 minutes with a child of any age, and they LOVE him. It always amazes me! Below are some pictures of some of his buddies that he made this past summer on our trips home.

Also, a little story to illustrate this point: Last week in church we were sitting behind a family with a little girl who is a little over 2 (I think?). Within 15 minutes of Jared deciding they were going to be friends, Ella was on his lap and they were playing with one of those sewing board's (not sure what they are called, but they are cardboard with a picture and you thread yarn through the holes). The best part was, she wanted absolutely NOTHING to do with me. I would say something to her and she would just look at me...Jared would say the same thing and receive an award winning smile. At one point the yarn fell onto my lap, she looked at it then at me, reached down and moved the yarn so it was resting on Jared's leg. It was so stinkin funny, I just about died, I wasn't even cool enough to be the holder of the excess yarn : ) I guess when you got it, you got it...apparently I DON'T GOT IT!!!!
I hope our daughter likes me as much as she is sure to like her daddy!

2. The cat. We are a little nervous about the cat/baby combo. We have tried to keep the cat out of the baby's room, but have discovered the truth behind the statement "curiosity killed the cat". Now every time I open the door one of 2 things happen... she either bolts in and tries to hide under the crib or she puts her sneak on and creeps into the room like a tiger stalking its prey. Once I left the door open to get something out of a different room, and when I came back the stinker was sitting in the bassinet like it was her newly claimed territory. We love our cat and hope she handles the new baby better than we think she will.
We have had a good time trying out some of the baby things with her. We discovered she likes to be held in the carrier, but does NOT like to model the baby's new shoes. (side note: look how CUTE these shoes are. A couple of months ago, after seeing my niece's, I decided my little girl NEEDED pink sparkly shoes. Since then I have been on the lookout, but without any success. Until last Saturday, when I stumbled upon the very shoes I had been searching for at Burlington Coat Factory- oh happy day! I also found these extra furry Ugg-like boots that I am totally pumped about! The cat was not so pumped when I put them on her.

3. 5 weeks to go...Wahoo! I am hoping to not go all the way to my due date, I am ready for her to come in 3 weeks... still considered full term, but this way we get to meet her sooner. I have been having a hard time breathing lately, which is fun. She also has found new play toys in the form of my ribs, hip bones and bladder. I complain now, but I know soon I will be missing the feeling of my internal organs being kicked!
P.S. I KNOW you are totally digging the pregnant face- I know I am!

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Erin said...

You really don't have bad pregnant face at all! We are totally going through favorites in out house right now. Ellie has been SO fussy at night time, but right when Jace gets home she's all laughs and smiles. It bugs me, I'll be honest... but I love that she loves her daddy.