Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday's Memory

So I don't know if you noticed, but we are getting ready to have a baby : ) One thing I really want to avoid is making this blog all about the baby. I understand she will be the majority of my life, especially at the beginning, but I really want make sure that there are other things in my blog.

In an effort to keep this goal, I thought maybe if I had certain days that I do a certain post I can retain some variety. I will continue to do Grateful Sundays, and I would like to add Monday's Memory and Wordless Wednesday (where I post just a picture that makes me happy without having to explain it). I know I won't do it every week, but I hope it helps.

Today's memory- Lindsey the Medicine Man:

I like to think I have always possessed amazing powers of persuasion, and I feel like this story proves that I have since a very young age.

My mom taught piano lessons when we were younger, and I believe this event occurred when I was 4 or 5. She taught my friend Adam and one of his siblings (I can't remember if it was a brother or sister). Anyways, while she taught the other kid, Adam and I would play.

We were out in the front yard, and I caught a glimpse of our cactus on our porch...and my evil plan was set into motion. I told Adam if he touched the cactus he would NEVER get sick again.

I must have delivered quite the moving performance, because the poor dummy went up and hit the cactus with an open palm. His hand looked like a porcupine with all the needles that got stuck in it...he cried...I got in trouble...his mom was really mad at me...they spent his entire piano lesson pulling them out with tweezers.

You would think the story would end there. However, due to the amazingly convincing nature of my medical discovery, there is more. After they painstakingly pulled all the needles out of his hand, Adam went back and whacked the cactus again.

So it was that I regained my good name...I think my mom figured if he was gullible enough to do it twice he kinda had it coming.

P.S. I found this picture online...I wonder if it is the same kid?!?


Adri said...

I remember that darn cactus! It got me a time or two...

Tales From The East said...

I love your stories! good idea about keeping yourselves in the blog.....but don't worry, I will come to the rescue with a "so what's going on with YOU guys?" if I need to!

Brooke said...

Lindsey Quinn Medicine woman!