Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving disaster


Since we moved here, we have had the pleasure getting to know a pair of wild turkeys that reside near our house... as well as you can get to know a wild turkey while driving past it in your car.
They remind me of the 2 old men in Grumpy Old Men. We have spotted them stopping all 4 lanes of traffic as they meander across the street. Once Jared saw them attack a police car as the officer was writing a ticket to a speeder. On more than one occasion, they have been standing to close to the street as I make a right turn, which results in them pecking at my car as I try to avoid hitting them.
They really are quite the feisty pair. A year and a half of seeing them almost daily, and it still makes me giggle to see these birds who own Boston Post Road from Bertucci's to Friendly's. As goofy as they are, it is kind of touching that they are ALWAYS together. I have never seen them apart...
Until Monday. I was on an attempted labor inducing walk, when I saw the hunched figure and nasty, crinkly face that has become so familiar to me...but to my shock it was a lone figure! I looked all around the parking lot, and even bent over, or at least tried to bend over, to see if one was under a car somewhere (funny image to passing by cars- no doubt). His companion was no where to be seen.
I never realized how attached I have become to these birds until that very moment. I have been very distraught all week, and asked Jared to keep an eye out for them since he drives by their domain everyday.
However, today, my fears have been confirmed as I saw Pablo, the lone turkey, crossing the street alone. What happened to his buddy????
Jared claims coyotes are probably responsible for his disappearance. But if you look at the facts, I am sure you will agree with my theory.
The turkey disappeared a mere 4 days before Thanksgiving Day, aka Turkey Day. Coincidence??? Clearly NOT!!!! Poor Pablo!


Josh and Katy said...

You are hilarious! Poor turkey! I hope your labor gets going soon- good luck!

The Miller's said...

We are eating WILD turkey tomorrow!!!!

littlefamilyJLD said...

May you rest in peace, Farmer Joe's stomach!
Thanks for your sacrifice.