Sunday, November 16, 2008

Grateful Sunday

Today I am especially grateful for these lovely ladies. Melinda and Ami were 2 of my first friends I made out here in CT and they are the best! Yesterday they threw me a baby shower and I just want them to know how much it meant to me. It is so nice to know that even though we live so far away from family, there are people out here who love us and are there when we need them. I LOVE YOU LADIES!!!!

I also want to thank everyone who attended the baby shower. I couldn't believe how many women showed up to give their support...thank you SO much to everyone!!! I had a blast!

I am also grateful for this stinker who has been preparing us for parenthood for the past 2 years...She has been helping us test our new baby products (we will be using the rocking chair glamour shot in my next audition for America's Next Top Model)...

She has also been helping us test our patience. Once we tell her no, she wants what she can't have even more.
Here is a picture of the condition we found her treat bag in last night. We have been trying to reinforce her good behavior by giving her treats, and accidentally left them where she could reach them. She knows what she has to do to get a treat, so I am sure was in heaven when she saw she could get her treats for "free". I wish I could have seen her do it, considering she is declawed I am sure it was quite a show!

She is so good at pushing us to the edge of sanity, and then in the nick of time doing something that is so sweet we can't help but love her- which I can imagine happens alot in parenthood. Today, she was driving me nuts when I was trying to take a nap...don't mess with pregnant Lindsey's sleep! I am glad I didn't flush her down the toilet like I wanted, because a couple hours later, this is what I found on the she smooth or what?!?!?!

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