Friday, November 14, 2008

Vivid Dreams

So I may be really strange, but I am just going to throw this out there: Have you ever had a dream that was SO realistic that you have a hard time accepting reality even when you have proof? Example: I swear I did a blog post about something...I remember what I wrote, things that I thought were witty, and comments I received from the post. However, Jared says I never published a post about the event...and looking back on past posts he is right! Even though I have the proof right in front of me that I really actually never blogged about this event, I am struggling accepting the fact. The only logical explanation, in my mind, is that I had an extremely realistic dream about blogging it.

So, since it is actually a blogworthy thing, here is what happened (PLEASE if it sounds familiar, let me know so I don't continue to question my sanity).
In high school, our athletically inclined friend Matt played forward years later to now when someone decided to make a movie about Matt's rugby team, called Forever Strong. A couple of months ago the movie premiered down in the city, and the Cole's asked if we wanted to go to it with them.
At the time, we didn't really understand what we were going to, we just thought it was going to be the opening night for the movie at some nice location. Imagine our surprise when we pull up to this really nice place, where we were on the list to get in (how cool is that, we were totally on the list- haven't you ALWAYS wanted to say that!)
As if that wasn't cool enough, some of the actors from the move show up. Among the people who came was Gary Cole from Office Space (and lots of other stuff, but I think that is the most known role he played)
Blake Lively and Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl (he was in the movie, and she was being a supportive girlfriend)
And Jeremy Earl (who acted in a few things, but I didn't know who he was. However, we had a nice little chat with him in the elevator and he was in a movie, so I think he is noteworthy : )
So we are standing in the lobby, waiting to be seated in the theater, when Sean Faris walks in. If his name doesn't sound familiar, he is the "young Tom Cruise". His acting career is really taking off, he looks like Tom Cruise and I was STAR STRUCK. We didn't have our camera, and Jared was trying to take pictures with his phone, much to my embarrassment. However, when Sean walked in I immediately jumped on the "who cares what these famous people think, we have got to document this night" bandwagon and began nagging Jared to get a picture of him.
Once we got in the theater, star struck Lindsey noticed Sean would be sitting right behind us...YAY!!! I was worried I wouldn't be able to concentrate on the movie (I am so cool, huh?), but as soon as the movie started it was not an issue. The movie was AWESOME and if you haven't seen it, I recommend you do so IMMEDIATELY!!!
After the movie, we went to the after party in the penthouse of some huge hotel. We got this picture of us (thanks Ashley) and if you look hard you can see the NYC skyline... the view from the deck was amazing.

Right before we left, Sean Faris walked right by us, so Jared congratulated him on the movie and I jumped on the opportunity to get a picture with him (I have no shame). Jared wanted me to note how much more I am snuggling up to Sean than the picture with Jared...oops! He also decided that since I got to take a picture with Sean, he should get to take a picture with Sean's scandalously dressed date...but there was no follow through.

Sean Faris was really sweet, and asked questions about the baby and even rubbed my belly. Then a couple of the other rugby players from the movie came up, and got all excited about my big belly and started rubbing it too. It made me laugh, apparently pregnant-hood is not all that common in that social ring.

All in all, my little stroll in the world of Hollywood was a really fun adventure. However, I was exhausted by the end of the night and it made me really grateful for the simplicity of my life. I guess not everyone is cut out for the life of a star: )


Brooke said...

I was wondering why you never posted about this LOL!!

Lesley Wright said...

Pretty amazing. It seems that even though Sean was famous he was not stuck up and let you take a picture with him. AND you were on "The List"

The Haban Family said...

Whoa!!! This is awesome!! I will admit - I've ALWAYS wanted to be on "the list". And I'm jealous you got to see all those famous people.

Don't worry - I think all of us wives would have cuddled up close to Sean! haha!

Jared said...

I suppose I need a new workout program, not to mention, a serious need for Rogain if I am going to keep up with Sean Farris! HE'S GOIN DOWN!