Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday's Memory

Today's memory was brought on by reading my friend Katy's Thanksgiving blog.

My first year of school, we spent alot of time with my roommate Rachel's (who is Katy's cousin) extended family who lived a few blocks away from us.

They were so good to me- feeding me, letting me do laundry at their house, etc. Basically, they became my family away from home.

For some reason I didn't go home for Thanksgiving that year, and so Rachel and I had dinner at her grandparents house with the whole family. Thinking there was no way we could mess it up, we were assigned mashed potatoes. Little did they know I have an uncanny ability to mess up even the easiest cuisine.

We came to the conclusion that we should buy a pound of potato per person, and since there were (according to our calculations) going to be 50 do the math.

That is right, we bought 50 lbs of potatoes. We decided since there were so many we should probably start them the night before. It took 4 huge pots and 5 hours of peeling/chopping to prepare them. We were actually pretty proud of ourselves for our culinary masterpiece.

Unfortunately, they were AWFUL!!!! They were a strange shade of yellow (due to the length of time they spent soaking in water) and WAY too salty. Bless the family's heart, they managed to choke down some of the potatoes...but at the end we were left 3 1/2 pots of mashed potatoes. For the next semester, we created inventive ways to consume mashed potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To this day I still think of the Great Potato Fiasco of 2002 every time I eat mashed potatoes.


Erin said...

That's awesome Lindsey! I can totally see you two doing this. I loved that year... even though I didn't live down there with you guys. It was always so fun to come and visit.

Brooke said...

I don't think anyone can eat potatoes without thinking about it!

I wish I was out there :(

Peck Family said...

this is one of my favorite stories. my family will never ever let us live it down. every year they have to bring it up. remember that we stayed up until like two just peeling all those stupid things. i loved our apartment at goodmans. miss you lindsey. just saw your baby. how exciting. im sure you will be an awesome mom.