Monday, April 19, 2010

And the Countdown Begins...

...for Kerrigan's introduction to nursery.

I only have 6 Sundays left until I am able to focus on the lesson instead of keeping her entertained and fed. Beautiful!

I will also have this freedom for a whopping 2 months before baby Boy gets here- and I plan to enjoy every moment!

However, surviving these next 6 weeks will not be easy. I need your help. I feel completely unprepared to handle a toddler at church.

The normal books, baby toys and stuffing fruit snacks in her mouth just doesn't cut it anymore. The poor girl needs some mental stimulation.

So what do you use to keep your kid entertained at church and where do I find said entertainment tool? I need suggestions people if I am going to survive the next 6 weeks!


Heidi@cutoncemeasuretwice said...

I have 3 more months before Laine goes into nursery. She has been walking since last November and that was the last time I sat down in either Sunday School or Relief Society. I figure I will just enjoy my time in the hall with my little girl. I know there will be a time in the future that I will see the young momma's in the halls and I will miss those days. The days of babies. But if you do find the magic tool that keeps her quiet, send it my way :)

The Dillinghams said...

come sit by us. she can play with all of our stuff:)

Click Clan said...

Honestly, with my 3 kids, I noticed that the LESS stuff we bring to entertain them, the quieter they are. It seriously works. Only bring ONE thing and ONE snack.
Also, sit as far to the front of Sacrament meeting as possible. The less distractions the better. This WORKS i promise!!!

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!!


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for that!!! I can not wait either... Adalie has one more month and I havent liked going go church since about.. oh. November... I can not wait til May 23rd!!! What a glorious day!!

Chantel said...

Really- you're unfortunately in the realm that most moms are in with a toddler when it comes to church. It really stinks. Brecklynn isn't even a toddler, but because she happy screams all the time, we live in the hall. All the moms in our ward call it the 'hall pass'. It does help having a little group of moms together with 'new' toys to your child. Seems to entertain for awhile. Hang in there. We all go through it!!

CJ Sime said...

Put K in charge of packing an entertainment bag. I agree with Click Clan: the less you bring, the better behaved she will likely be. Let her pack 3 toys and one snack.

(I am just saying what we did. We also have a mandatory bum on bench rule.)

Anonymous said...

Oh! I have just the thing! I-Spy bag!! So much fun... I'll e-mail you the directions... or you could buy them and I'll assemble them. :-)

Stacey said...

You know you are (from what I've been told) allowed to take them into Nursery before 18 months to get them acclimated. You are supposed to stay with them or least close by. They let you do this so that when they are actually 18 months they are used to everything and not concerned about you leaving.
We took Kaylee last week (she'll be 18M on the 23) and she could care less about us so Ryan just left and poked his head in frequently to make sure she wasn't creating a problem.

Erin said...

I either

A) Went and sat in the nusery so she could play.


B) Went home after sacrament.

Usually it was B. Good luck!