Thursday, October 22, 2009

Let's Talk!

So Lesley made a comment that I thought would make an interesting discussion. The hype surrounding the flu and H1N1 shots is HUGE.

Yesterday I decided to go ahead and get Kerrigan's flu shot. We will probably all be getting the H1N1 and flu, mainly because Jared works so close to where the biggest breakout was last year.

However, since it is so new, we aren't 100% decided.

What are your thoughts/concerns/decisions? Let's discuss!

I am not thinking this will make or break peoples' decision, I just thought it would be interesting to see what you think and why...possibly answer others' questions.

Let me know...


Amy said...

We decided that since our kids are healthy (no asthma or other breathing problems) not to get the vaccine and to leave the doses for people who are more at risk for complications.

And - how many boosters have WE had to have for measles? If this returns in the future "natural" immunity is a better protection than a vaccine.

kelly said...

If the whole H1N1 flu thing has happened earlier, we wouldn't be having this discussion, really, because it would have been included in the regular yearly vaccine just like any other more prominent strain of flu... So if I can, I'm getting it for myself, (and therefore the baby I'm carrying), Gwenna, and my husband. Currently, there are no regular or H1N1 shots available in Flagstaff, but we'll get them when they become available... Especially Gwenna and me since we're in the higher risk categories. I had a big epiphany a couple years ago when I saw the big push the Church was making for immunizations in third world countries and the like and also realized all the immunizations they require for missionaries to serve overseas and sometimes not overseas. ... Those are my feelings on it. :)

Merry said...

I think that there are no risks to the vaccine, and plenty of benefits. That's my opinion. I'd get one right now if I could, but BYU has run out.

Adriane said...

I'm still undecided too. Part of me is so friggin scared of H1N1 that I just want to get the darn shot, but part of me says the vaccine is still so new so I should let other people guinea pig its side effects b/f I subject myself to such uncertainty!

In the end, I will probably make myself a nice Greek smoothie with kiwi, Windex, olive oil, and LOTS of onion...nothing better than home remedies!!

Ryan and Jacquie said...

my mom works in the healthcare system in canada. she said alot of the nurses that are administering the shot aren't even getting it because it's so new and there haven't been very many tests done on it for reactions/etc. i dunno! all i know is i'm not getting it. cuz i'm cool like that!

Aubri said...

I wouldn't do it, personally. The vaccine was rushed through clinical trials and no long term research is available. We don't know what it could do to us a year or more down the road. I'm pretty anti-vax anyway... so I won't be getting it, and Thomas won't be getting it either (his own choice). I agree with Amy up there in the first comment. If you're healthy, leave the doses for those who are more at risk.

As a society, we've gotten drug crazy. A pill, a shot, a swallow of whatever miracle cure is out there, at the least sign of a problem. Not necessarily the best idea. I'm avoiding this, and maintaining healthy habits like getting enough sleep, washing my hands, taking vitamins, staying home if I feel unwell, and avoiding sick people.