Sunday, December 9, 2007

Let the Games Begin!!!

So we are officially jumping on the Blogging Bandwagon! Everyone keeps telling us to start a blog, and we have finally succumbed to the pressure. So I (Lindsey) will probably be doing most of the family blogging, and seeing as I am COMPLETELY computer illiterate, any tips would be greatly appreciated. First of all, I can't find a cool template, so until I get some help it is plain Jane blue for us. Plus, I don't know how to make that list of links to friends' blogs- HELP! Wish us luck, blogging here we come!


Ami & Matt said...

Yay! Ok I figured out how to add the list of friends. You go to manage layout and then click, add a page element. The page element you want will say add blogs in its description. Then you have to add your friends in. This took me about an hour to figure out haha.

Trevor & Taytum said...

I'm glad that you hopped on the band wagon!