Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Picture Overload Warning

My only excuse for this post is as follows...I don't get to see my family a whole lot. So when I do see them, I want to document EVERY minute of it. Add a new camera into the equation, and you get the following (I even held back on the amount of pictures, believe it or not).

We spent the end of June/beginning of July with my family in AZ. We had so much fun and it was SO hard to leave. Here is a basic summary of what we did!

First of all, my BFF Andrea Elizabeth Fox returned home from the Lansing, Michigan mission. We got to meet her at the airport! She looked great and it was FANTASTIC to see her!

There was a lot of swimming... Jared discovered he really enjoys torturing (I mean bonding with) Orson.

Tennis playing (Brooke- Jared still feels pretty bad about nailing you in the head)

Hiking/being outside

Playing princess:

Janalie did a lot of working and corn receiving (you had to be there :) :

The best part was being able to establish and strengthen the family bonds since we don't all get to spend very much time together. Jared and Mike spent a lot of time together and became better friends, which was fun to see (such tough boys).

It was also really fun to watch my parents with their grand babies...I can't wait to watch them form that bond with our daughter when she gets her. It was so fun to see Isaac and Ainsley. Isaac and I have always been good friends, he has a special spot in my heart....I LOVE THAT KID!!!! Ainsley took awhile to get to warm up- I hadn't seen her in over a year. I am very proud to announce, however, I triumphed and the smile below is at Aunt Lindsey!

Jared and I took advantage of Brooke's photography skills (not to be confused with bow staff skills) and got some pictures together.

There was also a TON of patience from my family as I tried to learn how to work my camera.

Last but not least, I had to show Adriane being incognito in the backseat of the van (she had her reasons : ) I just really like this picture- sorry Adri!

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