Wednesday, September 24, 2008


3 things that are making life grand right now:
1. I need to shower.
2. I need to shave.
3. Our water heater has been broken for 2 days (hence the desperate need of a shower)...and they wont be replacing it until tomorrow.

Just wanted everyone to know the special treat I am in for. Wish me luck, I am on my way to the shower right now, and must brave the freezing temperatures as my personal contribution to making this Earth a cleaner place for mankind to dwell.

Quick update:
I put on my game face and mentally prepared myself for the subzero temperatures.
I tried.
I failed.
I washed my hair (kinda) in the sink.
Sorry humanity... the shaved legs and pleasantly clean aromas will have to wait for another day. Don't worry, I will wear extra body spray tomorrow.
My pioneer ancestors would be SO PROUD!!!!

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