Tuesday, February 1, 2011

5 Months...

A little over a year ago I was surprised (read: astounded, humbled and overjoyed) to find out that I was 2 months pregnant. And now my little guy is over 5 months old.

Here are some of his accomplishments he made, in this his 5th month of life.

Tucker's love life got an early start with his first girlfriend, little Harper. I can already see sparks!

He is slowly...oh, so slowly...learning to keep himself entertained. Can I get a HALLELUJAH?!?!

He has developed cleavage. (Oops, sorry future Tucker reading this, I just had to say it : ) What I meant to say was my son has become quite the specimen of strength.

He has found alternative means to self soothing beyond the commonly used pacifier. (Ok, I am still trying to get him to use the bink, but I swear the minute I turn my back, this is what the little stink does)

Tucker has outgrown his swing. Farewell sweet friend, thank you for your countless hours of entertainment. We will both miss you tremendously!

Despite the odds, Tucker has grown enough hair to actually have bedhead. Who says he has to be bald like the baby daddy? The cycle ends here!

He is sitting pretty well unassisted. The only turfing occurs when he spots Kerrigan running at him at full speed. In an instinctual act of defense, he throws himself out of harms way...but unfortunately catching ones self with ones hands is a learned reaction- one that he still hasn't figured out quite yet.

I am pretty sure Tuck is teething, though there is no evidence along his gums. However, he always is chewing on something and the drool- oh, the drool is everywhere and in full grown St. Bernard amounts.
Tucker started eating solids this week. I was supposed to start almost a month ago- but being the stellar mother I am, I kept forgetting. However, the momma juice isn't cutting it anymore, so we FINALLY got around to it.
He acts ravenous when eating cereal. He grabs my hand to direct it into his mouth (thanks for the vote of confidence buddy- not sure if it would have made it there without ya), chows down, then whines while I get another spoonful. Pretty sure we will be back to the 97th percentile weight in no time!
He LOVES it. He thinks he is the bomb.com eating like a big fella.

Probably Tucker's biggest accomplishment is learning how to defend himself. A lot of the time, the poor kid's life looks like this:

We know she means well, but Kerrigan is always up in his grill. Just recently, he started getting feisty with her. She is still not sure what to think of it...
Throughout the day, I hear, "HELP, ME STUCK!!!!!" multiple times.
Considering he is only five months, and only 7 lbs lighter than his 2 year old sis, we are guessing her days of not being taken down completely by him are numbered.
Despite her intense "loving" on him, he has recently begun enjoying her. I would even go as far to say he adores her...and I am pretty sure the feeling is mutual!


Ami said...

so stinkin cute! I need to figure out a way to get together soon...

Merry said...

I LOVE that thumb sucking picture! He is a cutie!

rachel said...

oh my heck he is so so cute! I think it is so cute when little babies suck the thumb. love it!

Kara said...

Oh my, your kids are so adorable!
And PS- your posts totally crack me up! :)