Thursday, April 28, 2011

8 months

Our buddy boy is 8 months old today, and getting so big I am starting to get newborn cravings. Haha, just kidding...kind of...

Tucker is soooo close to crawling. He is at the point where he gets up on all 4's and then LUNGES into a face plant. It kinda resembles a belly flop- without water or actually leaving the ground.

Immobility is getting frustrating for him, but he doesn't want anything handed to him. If he wants an object, and can't get to it his go-to rolling/sliding action, we have to place him on the floor at the precise right location. Really, it's become an art to get him just close enough that he can reach, but far enough that he has to stretch for it. I guess we should be grateful he doesn't want stuff just handed to will really take him far in life.

He is still a squishy little guy. He is wearing size 4 diapers (compliments of the cursed Wilkins high bum crack).

The kid weighs 20 lbs (Kerrigan barely weighed that at a year!) and loves him some food. He will eat ANYTHING! He knows how to make his momma feel good about her cooking as he greets each bite with an enthusiastic, "MMMMMmmmmmmhhhhhh"- followed by wailing if the next bite is not readily available. Similar behaviors are exhibited while nursing, but lest there be men reading this, we won't go into that!

Speaking of food, his need to gum all of his food thoroughly will soon come to an end. The boy just sprouted his first tooth yesterday. The dang thing took its sweet (yet painful for all of us) time coming. 1 down, how many more to go?!?!?!

Tucker is the grabbiest child I have ever met. I don't know if grabbiest is a word, but let's go with it. How he reaches some stuff I will never know! If Inspector Gadget and Stretch Armstrong had a kid...well, that would just be weird, but I think you know where I was going with that. And if there is nothing around him to grab, he sits there and does this strange air grabby thing.

We are still trying to figure out his disposition. He is a sweet little guy who usually is cool with just hanging out. He generally has a 'whatever, dude, I'm just chilaxin' look on his face. He also has a smile and laugh that are contagious. But when the kid is mad, he is MAD!!! He knows what he wants, and will not be distracted by anything!

Luckily for us, this is what his face usually looks like (oh, sweet dimples- as Whitney Houston would say, "I will always loooooooove yoooooouuuuuuuu!)

Happy 8 monthday, Tuck!


Michael said...

Thanks for sparing us the nursing details. By the way I do not approve of the 'word' chilaxin'.

Lela said...

I just wanted you to know that you have some of the prettiest children I have ever seen. You really should put them in modeling. I know it all comes from my side of the family!

Anonymous said...

Yay Tuck! He's so cuuuuute... :-) Makes me want to drive up there RIGHT NOW and just SCOOP him up...

Nicki Dunn said...

cute cute cute!!! love his chubby cheeks. sad and weird that we've never met him. also, nickay?!?! BEST. we love K girl forever. hope you guys are doing well.