Monday, April 16, 2012

3 Months Until 3 Kids...

...holy CRAP!
(Sorry mom if you read this-I tried really hard to eloquently describe my feelings, but came up blank!)

This picture was taken over a week ago, but since then I have reconnected with my chocolate addiction AND taken advantage of All You Can Eat Breadsticks at Olive Garden.
Therefore, the belly has grown- which means this picture is all you get.
Just some random facts for your pleasure:
-I am feeling better all the time. Evenings are still hit or miss, but during the day I actually feel like a human being. I've really missed that!
-I have some really strange food aversions that have stuck around. Mainly in the dairy department. Tillamook cheese totally grosses me out. Tillamook yogurt, however, is a staple in my diet. Finely shredded cheese (any brand) makes me gag. Just FINELY shredded, the other stuff is fine. I have no idea why, and fully admit how crazy I sound. (ok, even just typing about it makes my eyes water a little. Wow.)
-Kerrigan is a little confused these days. After 4 months of addressing my belly as Baby Chloe, she now thinks that Chloe is in her belly and a different baby is in mine. Is it bad parenting if I am ok with it? I LOVE the name Chloe and may very well go with it, but would like the option of naming her something else. So as of now, Kerrigan thinks we are both pregnant and I haven't set her straight. (I feel guilty just typing that. And again, wow!)

-Tucker still has no clue what's going on, but he is totally intrigued by my protruding gut. He loves that his #1 raspberry blowing spot is getting expanding by the day.
-Jared...sweet Jared, he is struggling in the name department. Every day he comes up with a new name, and then decides against it the next. I have had my top 2 names for awhile...just waiting for the man to realize how amazingly perfect they are :)
-As for the love child herself, she appears to be pretty feisty. She isn't a constant mover, but holy cow can the kid kick! Yesterday in Relief Society, we were both enjoying her bout of hiccups when *BAM*, my innards took a beating (like so hard I visibly jumped). It appears she wasn't enjoying the hiccups as much as I was, and I think my liver took the brunt of her frustration. Thankfully it wasn't my bladder, because a force like that would have had me in adult diapers for the next 3 months for sure!
She loves music, her Dad's voice and Tucker's raspberries. And sometimes she gets startled when Kerrigan starts to sing in her ultra high pitched voice, but then again, so do the rest of us humans...and probably any dogs in a 3 mile radius.
Oh, and she REALLY wants Daddy to let me decorate her room like this:

Image found here


Nicki Dunn said...

Baby Chloe/no-name-as-of-yet and I both really need Jared to let you decorate the nursery like that. Because it is just too darling for words. As are your other two kids. So basically you guys will have the three cutest kids + the cutest nursery and blogsphere will love/hate your perfect little life. Nice! XO

Merry said...

What a cute picture of you! I had no idea that babies in utero reacted so much to outside noise. Very interesting! :D

The Arbuckle's said...

Wow you are tiny. I am so jealous that you only have 3 months left, seriously so jealous.
I hope Jared let's you decorate the nursery like that as well so pretty and stylish.

Healthy Thief said...
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Lesley Wright said...

LOVE the room!!! I so hope you can decorated it like that. The wall hanging "pictures" would be SUPER easy to make. As far as the name department, I am in the SAME boat as Jared, I know how it it is. One day I will love a name and the next not really care for it. I am hoping one sticks with me that Dave and I can both agree on.

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