Friday, August 10, 2012

Chloe Lorraine

I happen to be a person that loves to read birth story.  If that's not your thing, here is the version that is rated E for Everyone:  Chloe Lorraine finally arrived on July 29th around 6:30am after my longest labor to date.  She was 7lbs 1 oz and 20" long.  Dark hair and a possible dimple has been spotted a few times.  There you if you don't want more details, feel free to skip the text and just look at pictures.

Now for the more detailed story.  First of all, when I was 28 weeks, my due date was pushed back.  Me, being the genius I am, decided that I was going to keep telling my body that my due date was the end of July...ya know, mind over matter.  Not so smart, my friends!  In my mind I was almost 40 weeks- medically I went into labor at exactly 39 weeks as usual.  I guess I better stick with the people with the medical degree next time.  So this is all based on the actual timeline :)

When I hit 37 weeks, I started trying to coax the baby out.  Mainly so Jared and the other kids could go to a big family reunion- since my labor is USUALLY only a few hours long, we weren't comfortable with sending them and take the risk of Jared missing the birth.  I had my membranes stripped that Monday, and had no doubt she would be here in the next few days.  I walked a ton (pushing a double stroller or pulling a wagon), moved cinder block, mowed the lawn, bounced on a yoga ball, etc.  Nothing happened, and my family missed the lame!

After the reunion ended, I took a few days rest until my mom came, then it was game on- again.  She had to leave the 5th, so we had scheduled a baby blessing for the 5th, so I needed her to come asap.  So I continued all the exercises, threw in some amazing Zumba (I seriously have no clue how she didn't fall out during that!), had the membranes re-stripped and tried not to sit down as much as possible.  Again, nothing except a few contractions at night, that would disappear eventually.

The night before I turned 39 weeks, the kids and I caught an amazing stomach bug.  I spent the whole night praying that all my hurling would NOT send me into labor.  The morning I turned 39 weeks, I could feel a ton of pressure so announced to everyone that today was the day.  I moved around as much as I could, and that evening after putting the kids to bed I tried doing squats.  FINALLY contractions started around 9:30pm.

Since we had been swimming, I really wanted to fix my hair and makeup.  After every delivery, I look at pictures and resolve that next time I will look better.  Halfway through my makeup application/contraction timing I realized that wasn't going to happen, contractions were coming too quick.  So Jared threw some last minute things in the hospital bag and we took off. 

We made pretty good time to the hospital, and it was a little after 11 when I got all checked in.  I was a little surprised to learn I was only a 5, but asked them to start the epidural process.  All of the nurses thought I would deliver within an hour, so it was all pretty rushed.

Sometimes Jared likes to tease me and take pictures of me mid-contraction.  Awesome.

My epidural kicked in about 12:30, they checked me again and I was dilated to........a 6?  What the?!?!  It was crazy to watch the monitor, see some crazy big contractions and not progress at all.  At one point, the baby's heartbeat fell completely off the monitor, so I wasn't able to rest- I watched the monitor like a hawk.  The next 5 HOURS dragged on...I was so restless and eager to meet her, and she just wasn't coming.  They checked me a little after 5 and I was only to an 8.  The Dr. came in and broke my water, expecting her to pop right out...but my contractions stopped completely.  Again, awesome.

At 6:10 they started me on pitocin.  Then checked me.  Hello baby's head.  During my first push, the Dr. told me to not push hard, to push with little pushes.  After a couple little pushes, she was out (6:21am) with the cord wrapped around her neck and foot.  Fortunately, everyone was completely calm which helped Jared and I not to panic. 

So I realize being in the hospital for 7 hours is not that long, but compared to 3hrs with K and 1.5hrs with Tuck it seemed like an eternity.  Seeing this face definitely made up for it.

We had about 6 hours alone with our little beauty before guests started showing up.  We had 3 names picked out when we left for the hospital.  During our alone time, we had kind of settled on one name.  Then Kerrigan showed up, and was BEYOND excited to see that Baby Chloe (not the name we had picked) had finally come out of mommy's tummy.  Seriously, how do you tell this face that her baby sister's name isn't Chloe?  That's right, you can't.  So baby Chloe it is :)

 Tucker wasn't sure what to think, but he did give her a few good snuggles.  Such a sweet big brother!

 First photo as a family of 5

The Grandmas loving on the newest grand baby.  Not sure how the only picture I got of Susan is of her changing a diaper...oops!

Chloe had lots of visitors come to see her- it is so fun to see how loved she already is!

Now meet Great Grandpa Rulon.  He is probably Jared's favorite person in the world.  Lorraine is Rulon's wife who passed away soon after Jared and I were married.  It was really special to have Chloe Lorraine meet her Great Grandpa.

Ok, so I had a list of pictures I wanted to take in the hospital.  My body had other plans.  The night after Chloe arrived, I woke up with a lot of pain in my hip- I couldn't get comfortable and it was painful enough I couldn't sleep.  At one point, I got up to use the restroom and discovered I couldn't put any pressure on it.

The next morning it was worse.  Jared had to half carry me any time I got out of bed.  Just what a new mom needs, the inability to walk :)  The only conclusion the Dr. could come to was I must have pulled my leg at a weird angle when it was time to push and couldn't feel it because of my epidural.  Next time I think I will leave my legs in the hands of nurses...literally.  An extra day at the hospital, 2 physical therapy sessions, painkiller/muscle relaxer prescriptions in hand and a walker (yes, like an old woman) later and I was sent on my way.  I wonder if I am the first woman to leave the hospital with a newborn and a walker?

Anyways, my handicapped state didn't leave much room for taking pictures.  Here are the few that I did get.

 Heading home

 There it is, folks.  The arrival of Chloe.  Now I have spent way too much time on the computer, I better take care of my 3 kids (still hard to believe I have more kids than hands...yikes)!


Erin said...

I love birth stories too! You have such cute babies!!! Hope you are adjusting to having 3 kids :)

Ami said...

So cute! I can't believe you have three kids!!! Time flies right?!