Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The 3 A's of Our Week

A #1: Accident

In high school I drove a 1988 Dodge 600 which we endearingly called Brutus the Beast. Then in 2004 I bought a 2001 Plymouth Neon. I NEVER got in an accident when I drove those "starter" cars...in fact, I had a clean driving record (with the exception of 1 speeding ticket-darn those Utah highway patrols). When Jared and I moved to CT, we bought a new Honda Accord. I LOVE this car, it is the first brand new car I have ever owned. Maybe 2 months later I rear ended someone on my way to work. It wasn't a bad accident, with so little damage the police didn't file anything about it. So finally 3 weeks ago we got my beloved car fixed and I was a happy girl once more.

Fast forward to Wednesday: I am driving on the highway. I was actually driving with my radio off trying to have a little quiet time of personal reflection. Out of nowhere a HUGE rock (practically boulder) comes flying at me. It hit my windshield with a vengeance and created a spirally bull's eye crack bigger than my hand (not to mention, scared me to tears). Here is some photographic proof of my near death experience: (the 1st one is the best picture to show the damage, I just like the 2nd and the 3rd makes me giggle)

A #2 Anniversary (yesterday)

Wow, 2 years! I have heard people say the first 2 years are the hardest- I hope that is true, because if it is the rest of eternity will be a walk in the park. We have definitely had our ups and downs, but it has been an AWESOME 2 years! We love to have fun and laugh, but have also had trials that have brought us closer together than we could have imagined. I love Jared SOOO much. Ok, enough cheesiness... we went to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate. Jared gave me a necklace and pearl earrings, and I gave him (drum roll please).... a sweatshirt- so romantic, huh? Just kidding, it is what he wanted. Here is us at dinner:

A #3 Artificial Insemination

We had our 3rd cycle of IUI yesterday (yes on our anniversary) and today. We are feeling pretty good about this round- not to mention how cool it would be if it works on our anniversary! Right now I am trying to find the balance between having faith and hope, yet preparing myself for if it doesn't work. Feel free to keep us in your prayers, we could use the help! Don't worry, though, if this doesn't work, we have 2 rounds of invitro available through our insurance. Here is my medical bracelet (I like to put pictures with my posts, and there aren't alot of options for this subject).

Those are the 3 A's of our week.


Jason and Kelsey said...

i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you guys that the 3rd time is the charm! you're in my prayers! know that everyone is thinking of you, and let us know how it all works out!

McDonald's said...

GOOOOOOD luck!!! congrats on the anniversary!

The Arbuckle's said...

Happy Anniversary!!
We will keep you in our prayers. I can't wait to hear the follow up

sarah said...

Lindsay, hey it is Sarah Trujillo, first I don't think I ever thanked you for the adorable burp clothes you made me. THANKS!!! Also as someone who struggled for over 3 yrs to have a baby I really feel for you. It can be disappointing especially when everyone else seems to have baby's (I had a friend have 2 by the time I finally had Hunter & we started trying at the same time). I just wanted to tell you to hang in there and stay positive. Like you said in your post it WILL happen, the hard part is being patient. I can look back now and see that Heavenly Father was trying to teach me something (patients) and he really knows what is best for us. You are so sweet and will make a GREAT mom! Good luck!

Matt-Whitney said...

Happy Anniv. How excited It prolly seams like you have been married forever. We will be thinking of you. How long does it take before you know if it worked?

Brooke said...

Okay my nice comment is in another post. . . but I was laughing when I saw the cheesecake factory pictures. Must have been good food. . . I would say WAY to go Jared, but I am wondering if really it was the person on yaz licking the plates clean!!!

About Us said...

Sorry about the accident. Happy Anniversary, and good luck. We will be thinking of you.

Oh, and you can borrow Dane any time you want...really...please!

Joseph & Shaylee Mecham said...

on your anniversary?? I hope that does it!!! Sweatshirt?? Yea Joe would ask for something like that too, he usually just wants tools! I am so excited for you I hope this time it works!!!! Baby dust and good thoughts all coming your way. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!! two whole years??! Can you believe it?? (and that means my two year annniversary is right around the corner!) good luck and know that I am thinking about you!!


The House's said...

Umm, you are forgetting the median accident of 2004! Remember like the first time I hung out with you and Dusty you ran into the median at like 4 in the morning! One of my cherished memories:) Anyway, good luck with everything, you're in our prayers!

Kristen and Shawn said...

we hope it all works out for you guys. I know a lot of people that pregnant with invitro though. We have TONS of in vitro babies at work- but hopefully you won't have to get to this point. Good luck.

The Haban Family said...

GOOD LUCK! I 100% know what you're going through. We tried for 2 years and nada. I would get so upset every time I would hear of someone else getting pregnant. But ... as I look back now - I understand why we needed to wait. So, good for you for understanding the Lord DOES have a plan for you and you WILL be parents!! Just remember: It's on His time, not yours.

Love the pics and the post. Good luck with this round. I'm crossing my fingers and sending you some good ole' baby dust!