Monday, May 19, 2008

Wow, I am getting really bad at updating this thing- sorry. So this blog will be the random thoughts I have had over the past few weeks.
First, a little shout out. Did you notice my oh so crafty header? My friend Kelly taught me how to make it with online scrap booking stuff, and I LOVE thanks a ton Kelly.
Second, I need to make a few corrections, an author's retraction if you will. First and foremost, my cousin Adri was a HUGE part of my summer's fun in good ole' Round Valley. Sheena, Adri and I brought a fresh new meaning to the 3 amigos that summer! Second, I forgot one of my favorite scars on my ankle, and Sheena helped me remember. I was assaulted with a BB gun, ok assaulted is a strong word. Some boys thought it would be fun to shoot bb's (am I even spelling that right) at me and some friends. One hit my leg, and didn't even break the skin but has left a tantalizing, perfectly round scar on my leg. The best part is it turns blue if my legs get cold, foxy huh? Last, Brooke didn't want me to get away with blaming my scarred knees on being clumsy as a child. It is true, the biggest scar was created when I was 12 or 13. A bully tripped me on purpose in the church parking lot, but in the name of full disclosure the bully was a 3 year old boy. Thanks for my dignity Brookey.
Enough with the scars, although I did forget I wanted to hear some good scar stories from anyone that has any. Think of it as a scar "tag" and I tag all of you!
Anjane, you left a message on my blog, and it made my day. However, when I clicked on your name, it didn't give me a way to contact you. Do you have a blog? If not, feel free to leave your email, I would love to catch up.
I have a couple of bad habits involving correspondence. I am HORRIBLE at calling people back. I don't know why. The best I can come up with is I listen to a message and then delete it thinking I will remember to call back, and then I forget. One would assume that I would learn a valuable lesson after a certain amount of times of messing up, but I keep making the same mistake over and over. I also am bad at saving people's phone #'s when they call me. So a week later, when I really want to call them their # is nowhere to be found in my phone. Once again, you would think I would learn... I am also really bad at keeping in touch with people who I don't see often. I have let many dear friends slip away from me because of that flaw. I think part of the problem is I don't want to call/write/email someone I haven't talked to in awhile until I have a long time to catch up...but I never feel like I have that time. Finally, and this is why I am writing this, I don't save people's names on my blog as often as I should. So even if I haven't added you to my friends and family list, I am still blog stalking you and you WILL be on there soon. Also, I have started using Google Reader, which has saved me tons of time. However, for some reason it has caused me to stop writing comments. I will try to be better, but if you have updated your blog, know in your heart that I am reading it. I am just too lazy to click on your blog link and leave a comment. Wow, this made me sound like an awful person, I hope other people have the same flaws...I also hope no one was offended by this!
I think my final thing will be a cry for help. My apartment STINKS!!!! While occasionally it is partially due to dishes in the sink, the biggest thing is something I have not ever dealt with- thank you Rexburg bubble! The people who lived (they moved out 2 weeks ago) smoked like it was their only hope for survival. I am talking all day every day, and never outside, always in their apartment. As luck would have it, the smoke seeped into our apartment and for awhile we smelled like chain smokers as well (hopefully this will clear up any one's conscious who has noticed this but not reported us to the bishop- I repeat, we are NOT smoking). Anyways, since they have moved out, it has helped a little, but our house still reeks of smoke. If anyone has been in a similar situation and has some advice to offer, PLEASE do so!


MVM said...

What a crafty header!

Matt-Whitney said...

Love the blog looks so cute!!! And its time you come back to the blog. ha ha just kidden we all get busy.

dustyperle said...

HMmmmmmm Well as far as the smoke smell you might kilz your walls if you think it might be in the walls, but who wants to do that? Or perhaps get your carpet cleaned or on the cheap side go and get the car freshners and place them strategically all around the room. It will seem like you are in a forest. Or you could just complain to the landlord and have him move you to a different apartment. I hope this helps if not I wish to say thanks I've always wanted a hot stalker. Love ya