Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It looks like flowers have completely invaded this blog so I decided to add my own bit of flavor.


Melinda Jones said...

Oh my, so so funny. You had me laughing out loud with this one!

dustyperle said...

Jerr it looks like your cold, you had better move to az. We've got a room for you on the couch!

Matt-Whitney said...

AWESOME!!!!! My dad Is a huge hunter and that is his dream to go Elk Hunting looks like fun!! way to go.

Melinda and Taylor said...

There is nothing more manly than a man with a gun standing over a dead carcass. But still I don't think it compensates for the flower domination.


Brooke said...

SICKO! Said with lots of love!

We went to the zoo today and there were elk there. First thought. . . hilarious. Second though. . . creeped me out seeing them so close. I fear elk, too many witnessed car accidents. Amazing picture though!

Andy and Sara said...


I need to ask you a couple of questions about CT. Can you e-mail me when you get the chance?