Saturday, June 6, 2009

Six months!!!

My sweet, beautiful Kerrigan Rose,
Today marks the halfway point to your first year of life. It has flown by so quickly, yet at the same time I can't seem to remember what life was like before you were part of it!

One of the happiest moments of my life was when we found out you were finally on your way. We had hoped and prayed for you for you for so long. I can honestly say you were worth every tear shed and every second spent pleading with Father in Heaven to send you to us!

I remember finding out you were a girl. I was a little worried your dad would be disappointed, but when the nurse said, "Its a girl!" I watched tears of joy stream down his face. I had secretly wanted a girl all along, and could barely contain my excitement. Daddy and I ran straight to the store to pick out your first outfit...he wouldn't let me get anything that didn't have pink on it- his little girl was going to be ALL girl!

You waited to kick until you were big and enough that both of us could experience the first time together. Words cannot describe what we felt the day you were born. The second you arrived, we both knew our lives had changed for the better. You make us better people as we strive to be the best parents we can be!

I love everything about you. I love listening to you jibber jabber all day. I love how your smile can make even the grumpiest stranger light up. I love how your laugh is absolutely contagious.

I love how you let me sleep in the morning, even though you are laying awake next to me. I love how you grab my face with those dimpled hands when you are ready for me to wake up.

I love the look on your face when Daddy walks through the door after work.

I love how your chubby feet barely fit into shoes. I love watching your eyes as you explore and discover the world around you.

You are the most precious person in the world and I LOVE LOVE LOVE you SO SO SO much. Happy 1/2 birthday!
Love mama
For her 1/2 birthday, we went jogging in the park...followed by her new favorite activity...SWIMMING!!! Noteworthy are the rhinestones on the sunglasses...classic!

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Tyler and Naomi said...

So cute! Can't believe she is already that old! SUCH A DOLL!

Kristen said...

she is a doll!!! SO happy you have her.

Anonymous said...

I miss you! Happy half birthday K! Also, your photography is amazing.

The Miller's said...

she is so cute!!!! time does fly...Grant turned One last week its crazy!

Adriane said...


Man, time goes by soooo fast! I loved reading your sweet.

Hopefully one of these days I will get to meet the little princess before she is too old to let me "oohh" and "awww" at her and, of course, pinch her cheeks!!

The Dillinghams said...

Wait, isn't this post a day late:) Just kidding! I can't believe she is already 6 months. She's adorable!

Ryan and Jacquie said...

Linds...i know this is gay but you totally made me teary-eyed. i can't believe it's already been 6 months. time goes by so fast! and i'm pretty sure you guys were blessed with the cutest most perfect baby. jealous!! :) love ya!

rachel said...

i remember when i found out you were prego. we were at the beach having a bbq. i was SO SO excited for you guys. Sad we moved before she was born.

sarah said...

How exciting to watch your sweet little girl get bigger! She is adorable. Happy half birthday!

Chris and Aub said...