Tuesday, August 11, 2009

8 months 5 days 17 hours and 15 minutes...

At 8 months 5 days 17 hours and 15 minutes Kerrigan....
...is suddenly outgrowing clothes.On Sunday I put her in a 3 month dress and it barely covered her bloomers...oops! She outgrew her pink shoes (sad day) and her sleep sack (that's ok, I love her footie pj's).

...has been sitting on her own for 2 months.

...has 5 teeth she will not allow to be photographically documented!

...has attended her first concert (Good Morning America's David Cook, KRIS ALLEN and Adam Lambert).

...is such a good baby, she lets us just strap her on and take her anywhere. Cynda and I meandered around Central Park/ NYC for awhile. Even though she had been awake since before 5 am (unheard of in her world) she did not cry once the entire day!
(pardon the AWFUL picture, my exposure compensation was at +1.5)

...has just discovered I put bows on her head, and enjoys removing them...RATS!

...Says mama if she needs something, dadadada whenever daddy is around, Ka for Kerrigan nanana just to make noise and baba for Uncle Ben. She also growls (more of a roar), and does not see the necesity of holding back during church.

...bounces on her bum like she is on a trampoline (refer any questions to Jason Arbuckle).

...does not see the point of naps, or sleeping in general. I used to be able to put her in her crib at night and she would fall right to sleep for 10-12 hrs. Now that I am putting her in her crib for naps she cries EVERY TIME she goes down, and is only sleeping8-9 hours at night. BLAH!

...likes to pull herself up on anything solid.

....enjoys a smorgasbord of foods. Yesterday she figured out how to pick up Cheerios and put them in her mouth- she is VERY PROUD of herself! A good thing, considering the fact that she will soon be getting weaned (she likes to exhibit her new teeth during nursing...I do NOT support the exhibition!)

...scoots around on her bum as her main mode of transportation. However, yesterday, this occurred (don't listen to my annoying voice, por favor!):



Tyler and Naomi said...

Man time flies. I can't believe how old she is!

Ami said...

Ok so that picture where Jared is holding her is crazy cause she looks so old and I just saw you guys two weeks ago! I can't believe she is crawling....I am missing out on so much :( and I love Kris allen!!!!!! SO JEALOUS. You sent thoughts of me his way right?! haha Matt understandS!

Cynda said...

Oh I loved going to the concert. I am now a fan of Kris Allen. Also, I must tell you Ben came home from church telling me that K said his name. He was quite proud.

sarah said...

Oh I feel for you in the teething department. Hunter got lots of teeth really fast and was a biter, I tried everything, but finally had to ween him too. Kerrigan is so cute, they get big fast. I love watching them discover new things, they get so excited :)

Lesley Wright said...

Our babies are growing so fast. I can't believe she is slready crawling she is such a fast learner. 5 TEETH HOLY MOLY! Carter's teeth are still non exsistant I am beginning to wonder if he will ever get any! Sad that she dicovered that you put bows in her hair. I was thinking that she would just be used to it and never know the difference.

Aubri said...

Whoa!! That is CRAZY. I can't believe she is so big...