Friday, August 28, 2009

The Captain's Callin'

(Sorry, this is probably reposting on everyone's Google Reader)

One of the first places we went after we moved to CT was Captain's Cove in Bridgeport. We thought it was so much fun, but have never returned. For some reason during Sunday School a couple of weeks ago I started hankerin for another trip.

We invited a few friends to go along (AFTER Sunday school, of course- except Ben, I was sitting next to him during it so I think I irreverently mentioned it to him), and Jared and I began building it up so they would be appropriately prepared for the awesomeness they were about to experience.

The day we were supposed to go we started getting nervous that it wasn't quite as cool as we remembered it being. After all, after moving from Rexburg Idaho, anything involving ocean water was AWESOME for the first few months.

Fortunately, it was either as fun as we made it sound, or we have really polite friends that didn't have the heart to tell us otherwise : ) The highlights were the photo ops, the lobster claw (like the toy claw game, but if you catch a lobster they cook it for you for free- we spent as much as we would have to order lobster, but never caught one :), and the famous Captains Platter (aka a smorgasbord of cod, clams, shrimp and fries).

All in all, a good time!

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Ami said...

You're wearing your dress! I love it. Looks like a great time.