Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Little Behind...AGAIN!!!

I can't seem to find the time to blog regularly, so here is a (partial) catch up post- a mere month late : )


Saturday (10/31) we explored a little fall paradise, known as the Farmstead. I had been begging Jared to take us for about a month, and we were finally able to go the day before it closed.

Oh.my.HECK. so much fun!

There was a "cow train" ride. Kerrigan was not so sure about it when we first plopped her in good ole' Max...but we are working on a little thing called INDEPENDENCE these days- so off she went.

It was a huge hit- for all of us. She loved riding it, and Jared and I got a kick out of watching her tiny head (the next youngest kid was probably 4) barely peeking above the side, bobbling around the whole time. Not sure if bobbling is a word, but I think it paints an accurate mental image.

Since we went to The Farmstead in place of a nap, we needed to give Kerrigan a slight boost. In the form of sugar, of course. Her first taste of cotton candy (no idea how it took this long with the parents she got stuck with) was an instant success.

By all means, Kerrigan, don't hold back!

Then the highlight of the day occurred when we stumbled upon these mini treasures.
We sat her on a tiny horse, thinking we would at least get a picture of her terrified face (I was serious when I said she is stuck with us). Lo and behold, she is a natural horse woman...horse rider...I am sure there is an actual name- and that's what she is.
The 2 cowgirls running the ride were in awe with her form. I see horse back riding classes in our future. And by ours, I mean hers. I will probably retain my fear of horses...
The Farmstead is basically good, (relatively) clean family fun! We had a blast exploring hay mazes, jumping on giant trampoliney things, watching pig races, hay riding through the pumpkin patch, etc.
We even got us a pumpkin- isn't she a beaut?!?! We totally bought a small one there, thinking we could get a better price at the grocery store. The joke was on us...Albertsons' pumpkins were expensive and ugly (it was the night before Halloween in their defence).
Live and Learn, my friends. Live and Learn!
The highlight for me was getting these pictures:
My toddler, who suddenly treats me like much hated paparazzi these days, actually LOOKING at the camera. We sat her down on the hay bale, gave her a chunky baby to love on...and voila!- she embraced her inner super model.

After the Farmstead, we went to our ward's Trunk or Treat. When we were rushing to get over there in time, Jared teased me that if I was in that much of a hurry on Sundays, we might actually make it on time every once in awhile. Right back at you, babe : )
Kerrigan chose her lovely Abby Cadabby ensemble. I had a momentary freak out when I started spraying her hair pink, thinking it may not wash out- and thanked my lucky stars later that night when it did.
Since the cotton candy's effects had started wearing off, we presented our next weapon : the sucker. Worked wonders, she was perky and energetic the rest of the evening.
One minor (or major, however you want to look at it) setback happened fairly early on. She was just starting to gain her "twick o tweet" confidence when we got to a particularly ghoulish trunk. The lady had a bowl with a hand in it, and asked (as she is placing the bowl within reach of a hyped up on sugar 2 year old) ,"Will this be too scary for her?", right as the motion sensored hand grabbed Kerrigan's unsuspecting, candy seeking hand.
DRAMA unfolded...much weeping, and wailing, possibly gnashing of teeth. And I got to carry her the rest of the time. Thank you, kind stranger, for forever traumatizing her : )
Oh, Tucker was a whoopie cushion...for obvious reasons to anyone who has been in a room with him for more than 2 seconds. The kid can rip 'em better than any gassy 92 year old man!
Actual Halloween was pretty low key. We made Halloween cookies, carved a Mickey Mouse pumpkin and filled the bags of many children with candy (all 4 of the trick or treaters we got).

So there you have it. Halloween weekend a la Stokes. Stay tuned for more updates.
Although, they probably won't get done until me and this little sicko stop playing stomach flu tag....


Kristin and Mike Jenson said...

1) I believe the word you are looking for is Equestrian- meaning rider of horses.
2) I will tuck away those magical parenting secret weapons (cotton candy and suckers)
3) Last year you had two great pumpkins which in my mind makes up for your lack of a large one this year.
4) I about died when I read the candy bowl hand story... if the act was caught on camera it would be AFHV (American Funniest home Video) worthy!
5) I still miss you so much it hurts a little...

Anonymous said...

UH YEAH! The whole older sibling hurting the younger sibling is something that's always a worry.. This evening I was making dinner and I went into the room only to hear Paige SCREAMING/crying because her older sister was sitting on top of her and popping her back.. yeah it's true what they say that kids will mimik anything.. anyway needless to say I learned my lesson and locked the door behind me this time..

Kelsey Crowder said...

so cute! i LOVE the picture of the kids on the hay bale... adorable! to answer your question, i have a nikon d90 and love it. can't wait to hear what you upgrade to!

Ben and Cynda said...

Can I just ask when K got so big?? Seriously. And that I love Tucker's bear suit. One of my favs.