Friday, October 21, 2011

Birthday partaaaaaaySSSS!

Lucky boy had 2 party's this year.

So I thought it would only be fitting that I posted about them 2 days before his 14 month-day....right?

And in order to make sure I got them posted before the 2 month late deadline (because, remember, in my book that is totally embarrassing : ), I didn't do anything fancy to the pictures.

There is some pretty wonky coloring going on in most of the pictures.
Consider yourself warned.

Fiesta Numero Uno: BBQ at our casa, with the Clarks (my aunt and her family who live about a mile from us. A gift from heaven for our family. Methinks YES!) and Aunt "Cat" as K calls her. We will never again have a party without Cat ever again-she is that great!

Nothing too fancy, but I LOVED the banner I made with my Silhouette and the cake. We had a near disaster involving red frosting. Word to the wise: NEVER write Happy birthday in red gel frosting- looks a tad horror movie-esk.

Soooo, ummmmm, about this next picture. My proudest momma picture, probably not. She is proud enough of herself (for helping blow out the candles) for the both of us.

Does it make me pee my pants every time I look at it? Yes, it most definitely does. The look on her face is absolutely hysterical. I will probably be showing this to future suitors.

So not to steal Tuck's thunder, but check out my nose. I always thought of my nose as a German looking one. So where does it get off lookin' all long and pointy in this picture? And how did it take me almost 28 years to see this natural wonder?

Just something to think about.

How did I get Tucker to go to town with his cake, you ask? Well, do you remember Kerrigan's first birthday? She was a bit of a cake snob- way disappointing. This year I did my research, and I will let you in on a little secret, my friends. Behold the power of the Twinkie:

(as in I gave him a Twinkie a day for 2 weeks straight, except for the 2 days before his birthday. Lemme tell ya, the kid was jonesin' for some chocolate! 4 out of 5 dentists probably wouldn't recommend this method, but it works people!)

FIESTA NUMERO DOS: With the Stokes clan. Recycled decor. Pizza. Pop. Cupcakes.

My 2 favorite things about my 1 year old Tucker are:

1. He is ALL boy. He grunts. He farts. He is messy. He is stubbornly refusing to walk or talk. He is busy, busy, busy- and usually busy doing stuff he shouldn't be doing. His favorite "toy" these days: the toilet. Gross. 100% boy...and I love it!

#2. He is such a curious little guy. He is always getting into stuff and always on the go, but it is hard to get mad. He has this sense of wonder about him that I cannot get enough of. I hope he always possesses that quality. I hope he continues to explore the world around him with the same enthusiasm he has now- the world is his toilet...I mean, his oyster!


Brooke said...

My absolute favorite picture of Tucker here is under the picture of him feeding papa bear his frosting. That collage. See it. Bottom right hand corner of that collage. IT IS AWESOME.

Really I love all of them. I want to keep him. Next time he has a blowout in my car and you are late for your flight. Just a little forewarning. I will keep him. :)

RiChArd and MeReDitH said...

I will have to try the twinkie idea with Tessa...Noah was a total cake snob was no fun! He is so cute and don't you just love the boy-ness? p.s. you crack me up!I love your posts because they always bring a smile to my face.