Sunday, January 20, 2008

Grateful Sunday 2

First of all, I published the New Year's post, but for some reason it is down at the bottom of the page. Not sure why, but please feel free to enjoy regardless.

This week I have been especially grateful for my family. Maybe it is because I haven't talked to them as much as I usually do, so I have been thinking about them alot this weekend. Let's just state the obvious- my family is AMAZING! Here are a few reasons why:

Let's start with Orson. This is one of my favorite pictures in the world. Orson is my buddy and anyone who has seen us together knows we have a special relationship. He was born when I was 16, and I LOVE this kid!!! He is such an old soul (growing up in a world of adults), but when I am around him I turn into an 8 year old. He is one terrific guy. My 3 favorite things are his laugh (one of the most infectious I know of), watching him play sports (he is really athletic, but is always smiling when he plays) and the fact that he has forgiven me for breaking his arm 4 years ago- long story involving me giving him a rocket ride on my feet.

Janalie is one of a kind. I have really enjoyed how our relationship has turned into a friendship these last couple of years. She is beautiful (inside and out- I am only a little bitter she steals my thunder in my wedding picture, jk) and has a voice to match. We are trying to convince her to come stay with us so she can be on Broadway. My favorite memory of Jan is when she was little. I think it was Christmas and she stands up and says, "I can fly like a reindeer." She then proceeds to leap in the air, convinced that she can in fact defy the laws of gravity, and lands directly on her face. I love the picture of me and her sporting our foxy jellies, I really feel it accurately depicts our relationship.

Brooke has always been my hero, I used to torture her by imitating everything she did and wore. I don't know if I have as much fun with anyone as I do with Brooke. She also would do anything for anyone. She is an amazing mother and one of my best friends. The thing I admire the most about her is her ability to get along with everyone. She is one of those people you meet and can't help but like. Basically, she is one cool gal and I want to be just like her when I grow up.

I am also so grateful for Mike, my brother in law. He is a terrific husband and dad. He fits in perfectly with our family. I was so excited when he married Brooke, and became the big brother I had always wanted. He writes songs that crack me up, such as Marcharemos, we are marching on. I couldn't ask for a better brother in law.

I LOVE MY MOMMY!!!! She is an amazing woman, though all of you who know her already knew that. There is no way I would be where I am today if I didn't have her in my life. She has always been supportive of me. Whenever I am struggling with anything, I know I can call my mom. She knows exactly what I need to hear to get the perspective I need. She doesn't baby me like I think I need sometimes, she tells me the facts and lets me figure out things for myself. I have grown so much because of her wisdom, and she is the best mom a girl could ask for.

I love this picture almost as much as I love my dad. He is one of the funniest (is that a word?) men I have ever known. I love his laugh so much. I love that he tried to toughen me up in middle and high school by making me work out, though I don't think it worked. I love that he taught me how to work by making us do things I didn't think girls should do, like scooping dog poop, spraying weeds, etc. I know it is because of these little things that I have learned to be self sufficient (Jared thanks you as well). I am so grateful he has been the rock of our family, I have never questioned his faith. He makes me feel so special when he tells me he loves me, and I am so grateful for him. He has worked so hard to provide a good life for us physically, and cared for us spiritually by being a worthy priesthood holder.

Finally, my love noodle Jared. He is one of the best men I have ever met. He makes me feel special everyday. He is so patient with me, even when I am being a hormonal tornado of destruction (ok, hopefully I am not actually that bad). Jared is the best part of my day. I love the last picture, because I think it shows what our relationship is like. I am freaking out because my hair is messed up, and he is telling me how happy he is to be my husband. Always looking at the picture- What a GUY!!!! I love him so much!

Also, on a lighter note I am grateful I am getting used to my medications. About 4 times a month Jared gives me a shot in the stomach. Tonight was the first time I didn't cry- I AM SO BRAVE! I realize this is purely bragging, but I hate shots and I am grateful I am getting used to them- yeah me!


Michael Mortensen said...

What about the wordless, song "Linzhere"!

brooke said...

Thanks for making me cry. I tell you what after having two kids. . . that time of the month hits and I am a big baby. . . you know I am not a crier!

I think you forgot Isaac and Ainsley :) Not that you know Ains very well. . . guess you need to come see us!

Kristen and Shawn said...

you are so sweet. Can I be more like you. I am glad that you are getting use to the shots. It is never fun.

Joseph & Shaylee Mecham said...

I love you!! I am so happy to see those pictures.. and I am happy that you are getting used to shots.. I am one of those crazy people who doesn't mind them at all.. I hope that you are doing well and hopefully I will get the chance to email you this weekend!

The Haban Family said...

You got married in the Salt Lake temple?!?!? I am so jealous. That is my all time fav. temple and I always dreamed of getting married there but, it just wasn't logical since we're both from AZ.

Good post!

janny wilkins said...

I love reading your entries, it does my heart good to know you are doing well and that you are happy. I appreciated your comments about what you have learned about Father in Heaven's love for you. Having that knowledge will get you through a lot! Sure do love you!!!!MOM

Peck Family said...

lindsey wilkins i can't beleive i found you. i was blog surffing. i guesse you found me because i am on your blog. you are still so beautiful. so glad that you are doing good. what shots are you taking???? just curious. i am so happy for you. send me an email when you get a chance.
love rachel lewis(now peck)