Thursday, January 31, 2008

I've Been Tagged...Twice

I have been doing a TERRIBLE job of keeping up with my blog (sorry to everyone who is devastated by the lack of updates...ok I actually don't know how many people actually read this thing). I got tagged by Sara awhile ago (sorry it took so long to do it) and more recently by Emily. So here we go.
4 Jobs I've had:
1. Cashier/clothing sorter and tagger at 2 different dry cleaners
2. Front desk clerk at 3 hotels
3. Server at 2 restaraunts
4. Special Education one-on-one

4 Movies I can watch over and over:
1. Pursuit of Happyness- yes it is spelled like that Mom
2. Mr. and Mrs. Smith
3. Any of the Oceans movies (11,12, 13)
4. Ice Princess (only because I think she looks like me, and it cracks me up everytime)

4 Places I've lived:
1. Thatcher, AZ
2. Flagstaff, AZ
3. Rexburg, ID
4. Stamford, CT

4 Guilty Pleasures:
2. watching t.v. (but lets be honest, I think I am allowed since I lived without it for 7 months)
3. Making jewelry
4. Taco Bell Double Decker Taco

4 TV Shows I watch:
1. Friends (on dvd)
2. The Office (also on dvd-oh how I miss those guys)
3. America's Next Top Model
4. American Idol
4 Favorite Foods:
1. A good ole' bean and cheese burrito
2. Sweet and sour chicken (but only with breaded chicken)
3. Swedish meatballs if my mom makes them
4. Mashed potatoes

4 Websites I visit:
1. Blogger
2. Gmail
3. E-chords (trying to learn the guitar)
4. Myspace- I am with you Sara, not as fun anymore

4 Places I've been on vacation:
1. Disneyland
2. AZ- when we lived in Kansas
3. Bear Lake
4. I need to do more traveling

Then Emily:
Tag: Your Favorites
book: I loved the Work and the Glory series
movie: Pursuit of Happyness
color: lime green
T.V Show: Friends
guilty pleasure: Blogging
outfit: Since I am always chasing kids around in my job, jeans and tennis shoes. For me it is all about the accessorizing: scarves, jewelry, etc.
body part: Ummmm, this random guy we met on the street said I had nice child bearing hips, so I will go with that (For more information on Tony, look on the Wilkins family blog in September)
kitchen tip: hehehe, I have 0- feel free to give me some
life lesson: Spandex Is a Privilege, Not a Right
activity: making jewelry
food: Bean and Cheese Burrito
child raising tip: I'll have to get back to you on that one
pet peeve: I hate when people pick their noses in their car- do they not know we can see them??
game: Balderdash and Curses (thanks Brooke)
tattoo (imagined or real): a potatoe on the ankle (refer to Wayside School is Falling Down)
element: Fire- I love watching fires

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