Friday, January 23, 2009

Sad Day in the Stokes Home

We really had hoped for the best, but Cricket is not adjusting well to having Kerrigan in our home. I think she feels competative towards as of today this is an ad found on craigslist. Even just typing this makes me cry, but we have to do this.
If anyone knows of anyone in the area looking for a cat (probably someone with no or older kids) please let me know ASAP. We have already had a couple of people interested in her, but it would be nice to know for sure she was going somewhere she will be loved and treated well!

Cricket is a beautiful shorthaired calico cat who is in need of a good home. She has been vaccinated and spayed and her front paws are declawed. Cricket is shy at first (it took about a week for her to completely warm up to us when we adopted her 2 yrs ago), but has a very sweet personality once she is used to you. She is used to being alone during the day (when we were both working) but also loved the attention when I stopped working. Sometimes she is calm and cuddly, other times she is playful like a kitten.

She has been an important part of our family for 2 years. Unfortunately, we just had a baby and did a horrible job at introducing the baby to Cricket. She is not a fan of the baby, so we have had to keep them seperated and Cricket is no longer getting the attention she needs or deserves. While it breaks our hearts to have to get rid of her, we no longer feel our home is the best place for her happiness. She comes with food, dish, litter box with lid and mat, litter, brushes, and shampoo.

Please help us find a good home for her!


Ben and Cynda said...

So sad about Cricket. We wish we could have taken her in.

Reisner's said...

So when are you posting those pics of your bro-in-law?? Lynnae is unpatiantly waiting. haha no not really but I did tell her and you said you would where are the pictures?

Joe n' Shay said...

Very sad! :(

Anonymous said...

Hey Lindsey, I think I found the right blog. You commented this morning to my coupons post. If you want to send your email address to I can send you a lot more information that way and links and stuff. By the way your baby girl is so sweet! We just had a baby back in September too and we are loving it but also adjusting to me staying home with the baby.