Thursday, January 29, 2009

What have I done???

I am absolutely devastated!!!! A little over 2 years ago this beautiful cat entered our lives at a time when I desperately needed her. We had been trying to have a baby, and it was just not happening much to my disappointment. Seeing my maternal needs were in overdrive, Jared adopted Cricket for my birthday. Right after we got her, my 3 year old niece called her Tiddy, and she has been Tiddy ever since.
She has so much personality, and was very much our child-unfortunately we spoiled her rotten. We honestly never thought she would hate Kerrigan so much...but she realized Kerrigan was taking her spot and revolted! We had to keep them separated, and we knew Tiddy was no longer happy here.
Today, her new owners came to get her. I know she will be happy, they have 2 boys who will adore her as much as we did.
But I miss my Tiddy. I thought I heard her eating a minute ago, and when I remembered she was gone, I burst into tears.
I miss Tiddy!


Ryan and Jacquie said...

so sad!!! i remember crying lots when we got rid of our dog max after having him for only 3 months. 2 years would have killed me!

those pics are hilarious! tiddy is so silly.

Dulcie said...

Oh NO! I'm so sorry about Tiddy. What a beautiful little cat, I'm sure Tiddy will enjoy the new family.

Ami said...

That seriously made me cry:( You did what you had to do and it sounds like she will have a great home! Who took her? I didn't see you last night. Did you come late?