Monday, January 4, 2010

New Years and other fun stuff...

Remember how recently most of my pictures are really big. Yeah, not so much this glamour shot. We all look pretty rough, so I decided to leave this bad boy at a smaller size as to not offend your eyes.

This was taken at 12:30am January 1st.

What is our 1 year old still doing awake (and looking much perkier than her parents), you ask? Well, I will tell you.

We celebrated the last day of 2009 by going to Texas Roadhouse with the Edwards. We got home around 9:30. Kerrigan had not taken an afternoon nap this day.

It was then that we were faced with a dilemma. Should we put Kerrigan to bed and have a quiet celebration to ring in the new year alone, or go to the Francia's party?

For most responsible parents, this was probably a no brainer! However, we had to factor in that Colleen had made the promise that she was going to be wearing sequined in the world are you supposed to turn that down?!?!?!

So, off we went to the party. We had fun, made new friends, were thoroughly shamed by Braden (thanks Astro:) and let our little party animal of a child socialize with some of her favorite people.

We got home around 12:30, and took that beauty of a picture to show our dedication to 2010!

January 1st:
A few weeks ago, when we were in Idaho, I was unable to coordinate a time to visit our friends Aubri and Thomas. So in an attempt to make this travesty up to them, we rooted for their team, the Oregon Ducks, in the Rose Bowl (sorry Kristin : ) It was the only logical thing to do!

We donned clothing of green, taught Kerrigan to say, "Quack quack" and cheered our little hearts out. We are hoping we were not the bad luck that caused the team to ultimately lose, but we gave it our all!

Then on the 2nd, we joined Los Jones on a little Rockefeller adventure. Eeeshk it was COLD!!!! Despite blizzard worthy bundling, Kerrigan was not in good spirits due to the wind chill factor, and did not handle Jackson's affections as well as one would hope! I guess he will just have to toughen her up : )

I kind of wish we had gone down earlier in the season- it is beautiful and I am pretty sure could get even the Bah Humbug-est Scrooge in the Christmas spirit! I loved the Snowflake light display on the Saks Fifth Avenue storefront that was synchronized with "The Carol of the Bells"...awesome!

Afterwards, we went to Five Guys Burgers and Fries (greasy Heaven as we call it) and then took the train home.

Thanks for putting up with us Jones family! Next year let's go in December when temperatures are not quite so frigid : )

I am really excited about what 2010 has to offer and excited to work on my goals...possibly more to come on the subject. For now, this is Lindsey signing off of today's blogging frenzy.


Kristin and Mike Jenson said...

I stopped reading after I saw what you did. That was disgusting. I also like how you took a picture of the one time "that team" was ahead. I hope you enjoyed being on the loosing end of that.... because in the end... we won!!

Jared said...

Complete Devastation! Ruined my entire week!!!!

Kristin and Mike Jenson said...

i figured with your dedication to the team you would be! I just hope the devastation of that lose didn't damper Boise's victory. Since we all know your just so/so with them ;-)

Jared said...

Despite how bad Lindsey and I look in the top picture, no alcoholic beverages were consumed on New Year's Eve!

MikeJ said...

Thank you for clearing that up Stokey, i was getting worried that you broke out the Don Equis

Colleen said...

I hope the sequined leggings made it worth it!! It was great having you guys over!!

karen and co. said...

Caleb is three for three on staying awake all night long on New Years Eve. So don't feel too bad.