Thursday, June 24, 2010

18 months...

I have yet to take K's 18 month pictures, but I figured I out to do at least an update before the girl turns 2! So here is Miss Kerrigan in all her 18 month glory...

Instead of typing out every little detail of what she does/says, we will do a "Kerrigan in a nutshell" sort of update. Here it goes:

- She has become a little chatterbox. It would be ridiculous to try to list everything she says. However, here are some favorites: Ohhh TOOOOOTLES (from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse), Hi Mama or Hi Dadda (said with a sweet voice, usually when she knows she is in trouble), fwim (aka swim), chiki (chicken), ya okay??? ya awite??? , dat is sooo cool!!!!, where he/she goe? and PEACE.

-She also sings some words to her favorite songs (Don't Stop and Defying Gravity) and says the f-word when she tries to say frog (which is surprisingly often?). The other night, I was singing Don't Stop to her, and I got to, "somewhere in the...." and she sticks 1 finger in the air and sings, "NIIIIIIGHT" in a falsetto voice.

- She loves ANY water. She is quite the little fish, despite the temperature, cleanliness, etc.

-She likes to lock Jared and I (or herself) in the closet, then says, "HEEEEEYYYYYY" and slam the door in our face if we try to come out.
- She has a unique palette...mainly anything others would think of as inedible. I am constantly digging crayons, sand, rocks, etc. out of her mouth. She generally doesn't swallow them, but it is a trait I could do without : )

- Her favorite number is 2 and her favorite letter is A. She points them out everywhere.
- She has remarkable hair, particularly after nap time. It never ceases to amaze me how out of control it is!

-She is really into making her own decisions. She has an opinion about what she wants. It is fun to see her discover on her own what she enjoys. She is into babies, Elmo (she names most of the characters on Sesame Street. For a while she was calling me Melmo, which I took as a compliment based on her obsession levels for Elmo), Mickey Mouse (or Hog gog as she calls him... from the Hot Dog dance they do on MM Clubhouse) and hair pretties (she picks out her hair thing now- doesn't always match, but oh well).

-Walking in her world doesn't exist, the only way to go anywhere is run!
- The girl LOVES to read. Her favorite books are Hippos Go Berserk, Potty Time and Goodnight Gorilla.

- She has started helping say prayers at night...such a proud parent moment! She also sleep talks. It may be genetics- sorry K!
- She is constantly increasing my faith in her big sister abilities. We have had lots of practice with watching Eve. She is going to ROCK at taking care of the little guy. Sure, his eyes might be occasionally poked, but he will never lack kisses and snuggles!

Whew, that was longer than I thought...aren't you glad I went for the condensed version : )


Stacey said...

Wow I think our K girls are QUITE similar! That thin blond hair just stands right up huh? Very independent girls we have with a love of elmo! Also I noticed we have a matching maternity dress... well it's my sisters but that brown one with pink flowers

The Miller's said...

Look at her!! Super duper cute!!!

Barbara said...

Hey there! I know its been forever! Your little one is getting so big, and I adore her blonde hair! Congrats and your boy! I can't wait to see pics of him.

Dulcie said...

She is such a little cutie! I just LOVE her blond messy hair. What a cute little family you have.

Lesley Wright said...

So cute!! I love the prayers. Carter can't talk yet but he knows when it is time to pray and I love it. Cute that she loves elmo and Mickey Mouse club house. So does Carter. MMCH and Elmo's world are the only shows he actually watches (beside finding nemo) He wont watch Sesame Street but when elmo's world comes on he will stop what he is doing. I got to the point where I know what time elmo's world comes on at that is all we will watch. Sorry for the long comment, I just got so excited that they like the same things. I guess should just make a post on my blog about it, hahaha. Anyway, Kerrigan is such a doll and it will be fun to hear how she is with her baby brother.