Monday, June 28, 2010

She is My Child!!!!

One of my FAVORITE childhood memories was catching lightning bugs. Kerrigan finally got to experience the joys of the activity yesterday evening....

...and was a HUGE fan!

I did black and white for 2 reasons: 1. It kind of hid the poor quality of the pictures (to a certain extent). 2. I left the glow of the fireflies' bums in color so you could see them.

This is my favorite picture...she is "hugging" the bug. It looks like she has a glow in the dark earring on. Brooke and I used to (please don't report us to PETA) make lightning bug jewelry with their bums. Gross, I know, but this picture reminds me of that : )

Now there should be some videos below (hopefully, blogger was giving me some grief earlier trying to post them). They are short but HILARIOUS!
However, if you choose to not watch them all, please...for your own the last one. It makes me giggle every time. We like to call it Kerrigan's Alternative Source of Protein : )


Dulcie said...

i LOVE the first black and white photo of Kerrigan. It makes me happy.

karen and co. said...

The videos all say they are private and I can't watch them. :(

Reisner's said...

One of my favorite memories when I came to visit you was catching lightning bugs. You showed me how to make a ring out of them.
I love black and white with the bug in color.