Monday, October 11, 2010


Gross, I am now one of those people who has a baby, then doesn't blog forever! A pretty hypocritical move on my part, since I HATE when people do that.

After several threatening texts from a very angry Canadian (who will remain unnamed : ) who demanded pictures, I figured I had better fix the situation.

Don't you LOVE LOVE LOVE the cross eyed baby look (as long as they go back to normal, of course!).

Kerrigan is still in love with her brother, I was a little concerned it would disappear once his "newness" had worn off. The infatuation is still going strong, perhaps at times a little too strong (for instance, when she tries to pull him off the couch so she can soothe him when he is crying).
This is her version of holding him. Countless times a day she is begging, "hode im, hode im MOMMY pease!!!!".
Remember this picture, taken at 1 week old:

Well, here is the 1 month old version:

The kid's got some serious chunk going on! He is over 12 lbs already, and his 0-3 month clothes are getting snug (see how tight the NB onesie is on him!). It took K almost 4 months to accomplish what has taken him a mere 6 weeks.
I am basically obsessed with this picture. He gives people the stink eye all the time. It makes me giggle to have a 6 week old glare at me.
He is quite a bit fussier than Kerrigan was, especially in the evenings. Not sure if it is colic, but thank goodness it usually happens after Jared gets home so I have reinforcements (other than Kerrigan pulling him off the couch : )
Fussy or not, he is one sweet boy and I love kissing those ginormous cheeks all day! I haven't taken a picture that has captured one of my favorite features of his....DIMPLES!!! Be still my heart, I am a sucker for dimples!!!!

Let me introduce you to my good friend in Phil and Ted's double stroller. I LOVE this and recommend it to anyone who is looking for a double. It is a jogging stroller. It is skinny/agile enough to maneuver in any shopping store aisle. It fits any variation of kids (newborn/toddler, infant/toddler, 2 toddlers, etc.). Basically, heaven on wheels.
Wait, Lindsey, where is Tucker? you may ask. Well, I am glad you did. He is here:
Tucked safely and comfortably under his big sis. Seriously, LOVE IT!!!
We have also been working on operation Independent Kerrigan, which includes potty training (no picture, sorry), drinking from a cup, eating at the table on her own (a new experience since we previously didn't have a table or dining room) and learning to play alone.

2 things to look at: Her first milk mustache and the mess behind her. We FINALLY got the dressers we ordered. With clothing getting put away, and random items finding their place it is finally starting to feel like home here.

The girl LOVES apples. She put this one down in about 5 minutes. Just sat there chomping away until it was gone. I think she even ate the stem.

This is how she colors when it is too cold outside for her liking. Notice the lack of grass. The poor girls outdoor experience is limited to a 10x10 slab of concrete. A problem we plan to address soon with some sod and POSSIBLY a swing set...still trying to convince the husband : )
Don't you feel better now that you are caught up on our lives, I know I do!


Megan and Braden Edwards said...

LINDSEY! I am so glad you put up pictures! He's so stinkin cute, and looking more like K. I can't wait to meet him...we miss you guys

Ami said...

He's so big and she's so big and I love the floor of your house! haha. I miss you guys like crazy! I hate living so far away....hope you guys come down here soon.

Kristin and Mike Jenson said...

I approve 100% of this post. We need to make this happen more often. Lets keep these up a few times a week :) Missing you guys!!

Michael said...

I don't see why you need grass. That looks like some nice dirt.

Colleen Francia said...

What great pics!!! I love catching up on the fly!! Linds, what kind of Phil and Ted stroller is that one? I really like the bottom part for a baby!