Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bigger Isn't Always Better!

Here is the proof.

This is me 4 days before K was born:

And here is me 5 days before Tuck arrived:
And to think I felt huge before the first time around...AY CARAMBA I had no idea what huge was!
Sooooo, seeing as my belly was way more stretched out this time, I received some little prizes that I had managed to avoid in my previous pregnancy- aka stretch marks. Gag!
Has anyone found anything that helps with them? I am not a huge fan- if I can at least improve their appearance, that would be AWESOME!


Camille said...

I just read all your updates since Tucker's birth- you have been a busy blogger! Your kiddo's are so cute! I hope you're having fun in Idaho!

sarah said...

I also had a few unwelcome little friends with my second pregnancy that I didn't have with my first. Honestly they probably look worse now. Give them a few months and they probably won't be that noticeable :) At least that is how mine were.
I keep thinking of you, I need to introduce you to my best friend, she lives in Mountain home (about an hour from you) You guys could be buddies :)

Tyler and Naomi said...

Yeah I got a ton of stupid stretch marks. Got to love them! But they will lighten up with time for sure. I can still see mine but barely! You are lucky that you didnt get them until your 2nd! I was attacked!

The Arbuckle's said...

Your stomach will pop out even more on your next one as well:)

What helps is pure aloe vera and vitamin E capsules. Open 1 or 2 capsules and mix with aloe vera and rub on tummy. Both are great at repairing scars.

David and Amber said...

I recieved some pretty bad road burn, and the burn specialist reccomended Mederma. She said it was pricey, but the best stuff out there. It is said to help with stretch marks as well, so it might be worth it. Hang in thre. Body and moood after baby can be a little scary...Hopefully those stretch marks can make you a little happy that they are from your special little guy...just a little. (0: