Monday, November 15, 2010

Tucker's Blessing...

We blessed Tucker on November 7,2010. It worked out really well for everyone. My parents and Orson were able to drive up, and the Stokes family already had tickets to the BSUvs. Hawaii game, so they were planning on being in Boise anyway.

On the 6th, Jared's family went to the game, and Jared and I hung out with my family. After the game, we took pictures in all our BSU gear.

Then Sunday Jared blessed Tucker. He did an amazing job on the prayer!
I am so lucky he is is my baby-daddy!
We feel so lucky to have friends and family that were willing to travel to come share this special day with us!

Tuck with my parents...

And Jared's...

I totally forgot to take pictures of just him in his blessing outfit that Grandma Wilkins bought for him, and he had outgrown it a few weeks later- such a chunky guy. He looked so handsome in his white outfit, with a vest and bow tie. It also came with a newsie hat (a look I LOVE to put on him), but it didn't fit him : (

This was my favorite picture of the, my mama and favorite little guy!

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Merry said...

What a chunky little guy! Looks like a great family celebration!