Friday, November 19, 2010


This morning I woke up with an "angry" eye.

It was (and still is) bright red, burning and as Kerrigan so gently pointed out, "dat scawy eye, mom!"

No, I will not be showing pictures.

Yes, I did go to the eye doctor.

Yes, Jared had to rearrange his entire day to play chauffeur to his one eyed wife (due to lost glasses and no way in heck was a contact going in that eye).

We decided, after being questioned by the nurse, that I am ocularly un-hygienic. The good doc told me I abuse my eyes via leaving in my contacts to long...a contact abuser, if you will.

In my defence, it is impossible to do midnight feedings/changings when I am almost literally blind as a bat, but without their sonar capabilities.

The only medication he could subscribe has been correlated with stunting the growth of breastfed babies.

Not sure if that would be terrible for Tucker, considering he is in the freaking 97th percentile for weight (yes, you read that correctly. Little different than his 10th percentile sis)!

However, Jared wants a basketball player- and being in the 75th percentile for height is not going to guarantee playing in the big leagues.

So I will endure the next week with measley artificial tears, a scary eye and no mascara, for this:

Hope someday he appreciates it!


Brooke said...

How random is it that I woke up with a RED eye too! I don't wear contacts. PERFECT vision. It doesn't hurt and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was wrong. . . I NOW KNOW

SYMPATHY EYE redness for my sis!

ps. Let's be honest, you have always been a contact abuser. I think the saying goes: Once a contact abuser always a contact abuser.

Brooke said...

But I am totally serious about my red eye. Kind of annoying since we had family pictures done. Red eye mommy, no eyebrow son, grumpy sister, and red nosed baby (it was cold outside). I have a feeling our family pictures are going to be epic!

karen and co. said...

Caleb has hopes of being a basketball superstar. I haven't yet told him, that as a baby he was in the 25th percentile for all his stats before dropping down to 5th percentile around 8 months. Yet our pediatrician always told us, "Don't worry. He'll be tall. Both his parents are tall."

Hope your eye feels better soon!

Merry said...

That picture is adorable! And I hope the fake tears help out. I feel your pain!

sarah said...

Oh the things we endure for our kids!!!! I had a great epiphany the other day, I was miserably suffering from allergies & for ONCE i could take some medicine :)

Alison said...

I love this picture! (sorry about your demon eye)